[Fire Christmas Cat]
Wiz (Fire Christmas Cat) Icon Element Fire Rank S
Max HP 222
Max ATK 222
Deck Cost 1 (1) Race SpellCaster
Index # 773 Sells for 30,000 G
Experience Worth (Same Element) Min. n/a
Max. 64,707
Answer Skill Good luck, Everybody!
Heal a massive amount of HP to all members
Special Skill This is the Power of the Four Sages!
Burn all enemies to a crisp (200%)
Hidden Powers
Evo TextEvo Fire On Max
Evolution Stage
1 - Wiz (Fire Christmas Cat)
How to Obtain
Obtained from Event: This spirit was obtainable from a limited event quest(s).
Related Events
See Also
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Templates Spirit InfoboxEvo SwitcherInvokePool

This spirit was first rewarded for completing the 10th floor of the Infinite Dungeon. She was obtained at max level.

If used to enhance spirit of the same element, it gives out 64,707 EXP, enough to make an S-rank spirit level from level 1 straight to level 70 (MAX).

The Wiz Cat Family:



n/a -- --
70 222 222

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