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Duration: Nov 29th (0:00) to Dec 4th (23:59), 2013.

The event reran as Waterfall Abyss Revisited in April of 2014.

Oyez Oyez, brave warriors. Are you ready for your next adventure?People of the World of Wiz were joyfully celebrating thanksgiving when an unprecedented event happened...
This time, you will have to surpass yourself in order to defeat an almighty new threat!The ocean emperor, who usually regulates water flows and harmony of all the maritime peace has been subjected to a terrible event. Struck by a sudden and unfortunate lightning, his body has been split into 2 different entities: the Good and Evil. The Evil side, 'Sid Harlock', took 'Yoom' as his prisoner and started plunging the world into a chaos, with apocalyptic weather all around the world and water tempests everywhere. Icebergs where starting to elevate in deserts and small islands were starting to disappear under water.
The end is close…but not yet. The few ones who dared enter in the Abyss never came back but certain villagers have place their faith in you! You've got to go all the way down into this Abyss to fulfill your quest!

Specials in Crystal InvokeEdit


Deep in the swamp (☆, Rank 1, 10MP)

Prisoner detected (☆☆, Rank 1, 15MP)

Road to victory (☆☆☆, Rank 1, 20MP)

Inside the Abyss (☆☆☆☆, Rank 1, 30MP)

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