When I last left you, I was still farming Ingot.  I ended up using a party of Talia, Summer!Riel, Lykos, Summer!Itsuki, and Chihiro for a large majority of my farming.  The switch from Aura to Talia was for two reasons: it gave an attack boost for the first two turns to allow clearing the first round without any hits and it helped clear the boss faster with her nuke.  Even with the 1.5x drop rates, it still took me until the last day to complete my last Ingot.

And here we are, at the quest.

The Party

The obvious four members of the party are the maxed out Ingots.  For our fifth, I decided on a Burial+3.  This is so we go from 4 emblem boosts to 7.  Even at 7, emblem trolling can still happen.  The order of the party doesn't exactly matter.  However, if you end up in a situation where you are against a raged Zarajulem and need to crystal, Burial being first is helpful so that one of your Ingots doesn't go away.

The Helper

After writing the last blog, I was in this wiki's chat room with Masqueraid and some others contemplating who to use for a helper.  Then an idea hit me.  An idea that runs counter to a conclusion I made in the last blog.

Aura Amatha (Final Judgment)

Why Her?

The purpose of running her as a helper is that I want a shielder that will die frequently in the fight with Zarajulem.  Having her dead with three living Ingots brings the total party multiplier to 15x.  Had I used a delayer, the party multiplier would only be 10.5x and there'd be an increased risk of wiping.  The three Ingots will survive a shielded rage attack while Aura dies, giving three rounds that, in testing, is enough to kill Zarajulem.

There's a couple other viable options that do the same or similar things, but Aura should be the most common.

Using a fifth Ingot for a helper is a tempting idea, but this creates a problem when it comes to Zarajulem's rage.  While this party can clear it, you would have to very carefully manage the timing of when you hit him into rage to maximize the time you have to kill him.

The Risks

An obvious risk to this party is emblem trolling.  7 boosts still isn't enough to keep from getting trolled.  One of my failed attempts involved going into the final fight and getting no fire emblems right at the start.  That went very poorly, as you may imagine.

Another risk is not managing the revives well.  From the few runs I've done, it is very unlikely that you'll reload any of them after the first use.

The Video

Divine Gauntlet - Ingot Party10:21

Divine Gauntlet - Ingot Party

Overall, this run went very well.  Luck broke my way with the tricolor questions.

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