Hello guys. Initially I made a post about the event spirits for Ruins of Sands. You can find the article here. However after some discussions with some of the players, perhaps Ingot is something that is more than meets the eye. Firstly, special thanks to Crescend (Crescend) and Domichi (SpiritualRemains) for the information with regards to this matter.

Before I begin, let us go through Ingot's skill again. I will quote it from my own article:

4✪ reward: Ingot (Box without life or feelings)Edit

  • Cannibal.
  • AS: Huge increase in damage for the number of fallen team members.
  • SS: Sacrifice yourself to revive and heal 75% of allies HP. TTC 11
  • HP/ATK/DC: 2402/2202/39
  • HiPo: HP+100/TTC-1/Fire ATK+100/ATK+200/Fire Panel/HP+100/TTC-1/HP+200/Fire ATK+100
  • Evolution: A/A/A+/S (HiPo: 2/4/6/9)

Initially I said the answer skill was crap and useless, like many of the spirits of similar skills (Zach Claude (Unleashed Dragon Berserker) and Vanette Pellini (Lance of Thunderstrike)). However the game-breaker here was its SS, which seems to add another dimension to the matter.

According to Crescend (again thanks for the information), a team of Ingots and a helper actually cleared Zarajulem with lots of margin of errors. After thinking about it awhile, actually it made a lot of sense. Let me explain.

Since Ingot's skill could be used to heal allies, you will be able to work with very little, if not no healing. Domichi had conducted some tests with regards to Ingot's multiplier with its answer skill. His data shows that his AS is 250% when 1 ally is dead, 350% when 2 allies are dead, and up to 750% when 5 allies (including the helper) is dead. The ideal strategy for Ingot would be similar to those of team-based attackers which relies on how colourful a deck is; to send in a fodder for it to die and send in a helper afterwards. This will allow the 1-ally dead multiplier to remain on all the time, netting a 250% boost for all of your Ingots. If you reach a near-death state, you could always pop 1 of your Ingot's SS to heal up 75% of your health, and still deal similar damage with the increased multiplier from the dead ally.

But that's not all. Assuming you managed to fully unlock your Ingots by any chance, that adds another 800 ATK to ALL of your Ingots. His final stats, assuming your fully unlock all your Ingots, adds up to 2802 HP and 3202 ATK, which are really really awesome numbers. Adding in perhaps a BT Cat (Cat Princess) as a fodder, you could further increase your survivability. If you don't have BT, a Hell UrgBloody Merman or anything with Panel boost/HP will work. 

Thus, a full team of fully released Ingots will have the following benefits:

  • MINIMUM 2802/3202 in HP/ATK
  • 4 panel boosters by default
  • 250% multiplier when helper comes in.
  • Full team of revives and heals in 9 TTC.
  • Little to no compromise in ATK power should any of your Ingot dies.

From this, you can see that an army of Ingot, is perhaps one of the strongest superboss deck possible for non-IAP players to get.

Now you understand the strength of Ingot?


Go hunt 72 copies of him.


EDIT: Do note that the in the JP server, the mana system enables all spirits to get an additional 200 for ATK and HP. So some numbers from the JP version may differ from our version. Domichi currently is working on to testing this theory out in our version. Let's support him shall we? :D

EDIT#2: SUCCESS! Domichi cleared Zarajulem with the army of Ingots! PRAISE THE INGOTS.

Divine Gauntlet - Ingot Party-010:21

Divine Gauntlet - Ingot Party-0


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