Alright. So I just posted a picture of me clearing Triple Gauntlet in 31 turns. This blog post is meant to explain how the tactic is done.

The legendary team

Fire Triple Gauntlet Blitz
HP 3×10 HP 22+800 HP 21+1300

Sathisa Theotry (Crystal of the Sun) Icon Max Riverta Iray (Queen of the Beach) Icon Max Anima Aurora (Dragon of Dawn) Icon Max Nesca Crow (Wind of Flames) Icon Max Gartas Wildhorn (God of Meat) Icon Max Sathisa Theotry (Crystal of the Sun) Icon Hlpr 

This is the spirits that I ran to make all these possible. Althoug Sathisa do not mix very well with Gartas and Nesca, however I am not using Sathisa for the emblem. What I am using Sathisa for is the stupidly powerful AS, and the absolutely insane HiPo. Another reason why I placed Sathisa in is due to its high HP, which I will explain why in the next section.

After much experimentation, I realised that I would need some form of healing to survive the first fodder round. Initially I sent in a vanilla Anima, which is not enough as it get withered down by turn 6. However after fully unlocking Anima and healed every possible turn, Anima survived. Anima is also here for the additional delay other than s!Riverta, which I will again explain in the next section.

The rest are rather self-explanatory. Gartas and Nesca for further offense, and s!Riverta for a bit of damage and delay.

The Strategy

Like I explained before, I used Anima for the healing required to survive the first fodder round. I cleared it in 8 turns after I raked enough combo for Nesca and Gartas.

There is a special property of Lykos's single shots. They always aim the spirit with the highest remaining HP. Sathisa is perfect for being the bait here, which allow me to delay Lykos twice; once before the attack, and once after. This gives me 8 turns in order to down Lykos. With the slightly kind panel formations, Gartas's emblems and my helper's Sathisa, I am able to do so rather easily. 

Afterwhich, there's nothing much to say. Slaying Zarajulem and Asmodeus is extremely easy with this deck, like how a knife cut through butter.


Record tg
Due to the lack of shield and very minimal amount of healing, there is absolutely no room for error. All answers must be done within the AS time limit. It took me almost half a day to do this, so if you want to replicate such a team, please either don't do it, or do it with extreme caution.

Also, the amount of ethers I burnt to create this team is rather insane, so unless you have too much ethers lying around like me, it might be more worthwhile to look at other possible team layouts other than this.

Which is why this is a separate post from my Triple Gauntlet guide. This is just purely experimental. If you are looking to clear the Triple Gauntlet in a more stable manner, look elsewhere such as my Triple Gauntlet guide. That is all I guess?


FallenAngelII has kindly recorded a video of how this team runs (alongside 2 newer combination that is proven to be working). The team I talked about in this blog post is the one on the extreme right. Enjoy~

Quiz RPG - Triple Gauntlet 2015.0804:04

Quiz RPG - Triple Gauntlet 2015.08.18 Edition ☆ (0-crystal run)

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