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A.I./Ai  "A.I." is abbreviation of "Artificial Intelligence"

Akari (from the Japanese "灯" [Akari]) — "Light"

Alec Luminares (from the Latin "Luminares") "Lights"

Alma (from the Spainish "Alma") — "Soul"

Anima (from the Latin "Anima" [Anima]) — "Soul"

Arsia (from the Japanese "アルシア" [Arusia]) — "Althea"

Asmodeus Tobit (from the Greek "Ασμοδαίος" [Asmodaíos]) — the King of the Demons mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist.


No any names with translation.


Campanula — Bell

Canal Ergeiz (from the German "Ehrgeiz")  "Ambitions"

Cardia (from the Greek "Καρδιά" [Kardiá]) — "Heart"

Chihiro Unagami (from the Japanese "海上" [unagami]) — "Sea"

Chikage Miwa (from the Japanese "地下語 三輪" [Chika-go Miwa]) — her first name means "Underground worlds", and her last name means "Three wheels"

Chronoa Montre (from the French "Chrono Montre") — "Clockwatcher"


Denev (from the Arabic "Dhaneb") — "Tail"; also Deneb is the brightest star in the constellation Cygnus (swan), Deneb Kaitos, the brightest star in Cetus, Deneb Algedi, the brightest star in Capricornus and Denebola, the brightest in Leo.

Dunkell Adams (from German "Dunkel") — "Dark". Also, his last name can be a reference to the movie "The Addams Family"


Esmeralda Aurum — "Aurum" is scientifical name of the Gold

Etwar Brune (from the French "Brun") — "Brown"


Falaphoria  "Fala" means a genus of moths, the Greek "φόρος" [Phóros "the one who is brought, tax" (which is turn comes from the verb "φέρω" [féro "Bring" "The bringer of moths"

Felich (from the Esperanto Felich")  — "Happiness"

Fiona Karina (from the Latin "Carus")  "Love"; (from the Greek "καθαρός" [katharós]) — "Clean"

Fuuka Kaelum (Raijin) (from the Japanese "風化" [fuuka]) "Weathering" (?); (from the Latin "Caelum")  "Heaven". Also, Raijin is the God of Lightings in Japanese mythology.

Fu-Shaolan (from the Chinese "副-烧蓝") "Vice-Bluing" (?)


Gaien (from the Japanese "外苑" [Gaien]— "Outer Garden"

'Garm Fenrir  'Garm is a blood-stained guardian of Hel's gate, while Fenrir is a mythic wolf in Scandinavian mythology

Gashadokuro (from the Japanese "がし どくろ" [gashidokuro]) "The Skull of Starvation"

Ginga Canon (from the Portugese "Canon")  "Skull"; (from the Japanese "ぎんが かのん" [ginga kanon]) — "Galaxy Canon"


Hakua (from the Japanese "白亜" [Hakua]) — "Chalk"

Hazuki Yumegatari (from the Japanese "夢がたり" [Yumegatari]) — "The Dream"

Hikari Sphere (from the Japanese "" [Hikari]) — "Light"

Hinokino (from the Japanese "ひのきの" [Hinokino]) — "Cypress"

Histoire (from the French "Histoire"from the Greek "Ιστορία" [Istoría])  "History"


Ignis (from the Latin "Ignis") "Fire"

I-Ling (from the Chinese "i-另" [i-lìng]) — "I'm another", that hints at two sides that I-Ling have

Isabeli (from the Italian "Bella")  "Beauty"; (from the Latin "Bellum") — "War"; (from the Latin "Beluam") — "Beast""The Monster"

Ishtar  a Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love and war

Izumrud (from the Russian "Изумруд" [Izumrud])  "Emerald"


No any names with translation.


Kaname (from the Japanese "") "The Main"

Kasumi (from the Japanese "霞") "Haze"

Katze (from the German "Katze") "Cat"

Kotori (from the Japanese "小鳥") "Small bird"

Kushima (from the Chinese "苦事吗")  "Hast forsaken"


Lah Chai Nalop (from the Chinese "拉黑拆拿咯破" [Lah Chai Nalop])  "Pulled black split that was slightly broken"

Lamina (from the Bulgarian "Lamarina" or from the English "Lamina") — "Lamina""Tin" 

Linka Wayatt have a surname that consonant with surname "Wyatt". Here's two famous people who has it: Greg Wyatt, an American sculptor, and George Wyatt, a famous writer.

Lykos (from the Greek "λύκος" [lýkos]) — "Wolf"


Marvera (from the Icelandic "Marvera")  "Marvel"

Matsuri (from the Japanese "祭り") — "Festival"

MayMao Ji-Shin (from the Chinese "美貌")  "Beautiful"; together with her last name (即-是你) it means "You are beautiful"

Meseca Persona '(from the Greek "'μίσησα περσόνα" [mísisa persóna]) — "Hated Person"

Mirai (from the Japanese "未来")  "Future"

MIU ☆ MIU — Miyuki's pseudonym. It is a reference to a popular Asian singer, who's pseudonym Miu Miu, too.


Nayuta Hinokami (from the Japanese "火の神" [Hinokami]) "God of Fire"

Noel Marionette (from the Italian "Marionette")  "Puppet"


Ohji Kael (from the Japanese "応じ 変える" [Ōji Kaeru]) — "Depended of the Change"

Orochi (from the Japanese "大蛇")  "Dragon"

Ou Kaiketsu (from the Japanese "王" [Ou]) — "King"; (from the Japanese "解決" [Kaiketsu]) — "Resolution"


Parfait (from the French "Parfait") — "Perfect"

Pazza Melerana (from the Italian "Pazzo Melerana") — "Crazy pomegranate"

Pawa Kottes (from the Japanese "ぱわ こってす" [Pawa Kottesu]) — "The Stiff Power"

Plume Noiran (from the French "Noir Plume")  "Black Feather"


Quan Huangdi (from the Chinese "權皇帝" [Quàn Huángdì]) '"Persuaded Emperor" or "Right Emperor" (?)


Rememo Bibli (from the Greek "βιβλί" [Bibli]) "Books"

Riel  UnconfirmedInteresting fact: Riel is the basic monetary unit of Cambodia.

Rocher (from the French "Rocher") — "Rock"

Ruche (from the French "Ruche") — "Hive"

Ryuzetsuran (from the Japanese "リュウゼツラン" [Ryūzetsuran]) — "Agave"


Saya Suzukaze (from the Japanese "鞘 涼風" [Saya Suzukaze]) — "The Sheath of Cool Breeze"

Shaia (from the Japanese "シャイア") — "Shire"

Shino Yamafuji (from the Japanese "やま ふじ 市の" [Yama Fuji Shino]) — her first name means "City"'; her surname "Yamafuji" is a wordplay. "Fujiyama" is the right version and' means a famous Japanese mount Fuji.

Shirley Colt has the same surname as Samuel Colt, who is famous for his invention — revolver.

Shizuku and Kaguya (from the Japanese "" [Shizuku])  "Drop"; (from the Japanese "家具よ" [Kaguyo]) "Furniture" (?)

Shulan (from the Chinese "树懒" [Shù lǎn]) — "Sloth"

Sumomo Plume (from the Japanese "すもも" [sumomo] and the French "plume")  "Plum feather"

Svetov (from the Russian "Свет" [Svet]) — "Light"

Swee Qutet (from the Japanese "くて" [Qute]) — "Clauses"


Takemikazuchi (from the Japanese "たけ みかずち") — "Bamboo Mikazuchi"

Tetsu (from the Japanese "" [Tetsu]) — "Iron"

Tiel  UnconfirmedInteresting fact: in the Esperanto "Tiel" means "So", "Thus"

Touma (from the Chinese "头马") — "Winner"

Tsubaki Rindou (from the Japanese "林道" [Rindō]) — "Forest Road"

Tsukikage Kiba (from the Japanese "つきかげ  きば" [Tsukikage Kiba]) — "Moonlight Fangs"

Tsukumo (from the Japanese "つくも") — Japanese name of the zigzag shape.

Tsutsuji (from the Japanese "つつじ") — "Azalea"


No any names with translation.


No any names with translation.


No any names with translation.


No any names with translation.


Yugdracil (correctly Yggdrasil) the World Tree

Yukka (from the Japanese "" [Yuka]) — "Floor"

Yuugiri Ameno (from the Japanese "夕霧") — "Evening Mist"; (from the Japanese "雨の")  "Rainy"


No any names with translation.

Personal thanks to NTower111,Chocoleto-chanFallenAngelIIShinseikishi and Foxhead128 for their help!

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