クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ アップデート告知ムービー01:17

クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ アップデート告知ムービー

This year the Japanese version of the World of Mystic Wiz gets a dub localisation with.... well, voices... of voice actors. who use their voice.... to act.

For instance, Wiz will be voiced by Yukari Tamura, who voiced and is still voicing in tons of animu and Baron will be voiced by the less known Minoru Hirota, who you might know from World Conquest Zvezda Plot as General Pepel. Also there'll be some new game modes, I guess? Dunno, my moonspeak isn't the best, decide for yourself.

That pops-up some questions, of course; will we too, be able to get in the joy of glorious Japaneeeese in our story quests or is too much Nihongo for us filthy gaijin?

Will we get new game modes (or whatever these are???) one day, maybe?

Will I ever invoke event spirits again?!

Will Kuma actually ever properly check or at least correct the spelling of their spirits?

We might never know, this world is full of mysteries we might never see unraveld, for we live in a world full of magic... full of magical loli furry harem sh*t... Yeeee.


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