Chrome magna wizard school
  • Special Crystal Invocations
    Linka & Nicolas
  • Special Crystal Invocations
    Wolff & Shirley
  • Event's Last day!

Duration: November 14th to 20th, 2013

This event was rerun with some quest changes in June 2014: Renewed Chrome Magna

Chrome Magna incident

A world ruled by a wizard of a steel sword...

Introducing the The Chrome Magna Wizard School, training wizard apprentices. This school, which is renowned for having a long prestigious history, also have a special student council, gathering only the elite students.
Unprecedented in the history of the school, a major incident occurred during the campus festival!
A shadow is creeping toward the city, blocking all exits and creating a terrifying panic.
Order was no more, and everyone was losing hope, when the young Wizards woke up.

The battle to save the future has started!

Will you be able to defeat these Darkness forces…?

Specials in Crystal InvocationsEdit


Blessing waterfallsEdit

(☆, Rank 1, 10MP) (~6500-7500g, 32-36exp)

Completion Bonus: Thunder (B) Wizard Book (Yellow)(1st time),Thunder (A) Wizard Book (Lightning) (5th time), Water (A) Ikki (Chrome Magna apprentice)(10th time)  (JP wiki )

Flame's spiritsEdit

(☆☆, Rank 1, 20MP) (~200000-22000g, 66-78exp)

Completion Bonus: Thunder (A) Wizard Book (Lightning) (1st time), Water (A) Wizard Book (Azure) (5th time), Fire (A) Crimson Wizard Book (10th time)

Bright line for tomorrowEdit

(☆☆☆, Rank 1, 25MP) (~60000g, 132exp)

Completion Bonus: None

Targeted harvest festivalEdit

(☆☆☆☆, Rank 1, 30MP) (~230000g, 220exp)

Completion Bonus: Water Dunkell (Black Magna headmaster) (10x/20x/30x clear reward) (JP wiki )

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