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There are four main types of Spirits.
  • Fodder Spirits have triplet families and are found while doing quests. They are the weakest spirits, only good for enhancing better ones (See Experience for more information) or selling pots for gold.
  • Evo Spirits are a special type that are required for evolving other Spirits. These can be most easily obtained by completing the daily event quests.
  • Mid Rank
  • Top Rank

Spirits can be divided into three notable roles, Damage Dealers, Healers, and Supports/Utility. A good deck should have a mixed of two or more of these roles. (See Spirit Roles for more information)

Crystal Invocation is the easiest way to obtain decent spirits. It's best to wait for a special event that increases your odds of a good invoke before using your crystals. Check out the Crystal Invoke page to help decide what spirits to keep.

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