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These are some guidelines to make the spirit pages more consistent. Do NOT use the new visual editor. If you want to edit a spirit page, click the drop down icon next to the edit button, and choose Classic Editor.

Spirit DescriptionsEdit

A Spirit's description (left side of the Spirit Template) should include details of the spirit, e.g. the availability date, related event(s), alternate version(s) and related spirit(s). This part is optional and not required for every spirit.

Blank fields can also be left for description. Check out previous spirit pages for other descriptions.

Spirit's Introduction/Back StoryEdit

The back story of spirits (provided in the in-game News) should use the Template:Spirit Story. As an example:

{{Spirit Story
|Story=In a world of adventure and exploration,<br />
Technology and architecture of ancient civilizations lay buried in these lands.<br />
Just when I had started adventuring, I had come across this "exotic artifact."<br />
The machine converted the riders magic powers into driving energy; So I had named it Mystic Wheels.<br />
Along with the "Mystic Wheels," I raced through the world; as fast as wind and sound.
One day hoping to reach the speed of light.}}

Spirit's AvailabilityEdit

For Permanent Invokes (e.g. The Peach Warrior), use

This spirit was added to the Crystal Invocation on [Date].
Example: This spirit was added to the Crystal Invocation on Dec 19th, 2014.

For Limited-time Invokes (e.g. Ruchille Maye (New Years with Spirits)), use

This spirit was available in the Crystal Invocation from [Date] to [Date].
Example: This spirit was available in the Crystal Invocation from Dec 19th to Dec 21st, 2014.

For Permanent Invokes that was removed and re-added back (e.g. Filly), use

This spirit has a history of availability in the Crystal Invocation:
This spirit has a history of availability in the Crystal Invocation:
Game start to June 10th, 2014
Re-added on Dec 22nd, 2014

Spirit's Alternate Version(s)Edit

For essentially identical spirits which are usually released in different times. The spirits' art is often different.

Alternate version(s)

  • [Element] [The alternate version 1 link] ([Description])
  • [Element] [The alternate version 2 link] ([Description])

Alternate version(s)

Spirit's Elemental SetEdit

For spirits that do not have much difference from each other. The only difference is the element. This is common for fodder spirits.

Elemental Set Spirits

  • [Element] [The same spirit, but different element 1 link]
  • [Element] [The same spirit, but different element 2 link]

Elemental Set Spirits

Spirit TemplateEdit

Unknown fields should be left empty as auto-fill fields will input data correctly and some fields do not show up unless there is an input (less clutter).


  • Do NOT use the element template here; just use Fire, Water or Thunder.

Max HP / Max ATKEdit

  • Max HP and Max ATK values should not include the bonuses from unlocked Hidden Powers.


  • Gold values should have digits grouping by thousands with comma (,) as the separator for values larger than 9999. e.g. (1,000,000)


  • Experience values should have digits grouping by thousands with comma (,) as the separator for values larger than 9999. e.g. 10,000.
  • Experience given must be for the same element.
  • Experience given must NOT be taken during 1.5x EXP period or any EXP boosting events to prevent the possibility of rounding error. Only the regular EXP given during normal periods should be written.

Index NumberEdit

  • A spirit's index number can be found in the Spirit Index menu. If the spirit is not in the spirit index, a "None" should be written in the index number. (e.g. Peach Dumpling)


  • Turns To Charge for Special Skills should be written as numbers in brackets with a white space after the descriptions. e.g. " all enemies. (7)" and NOT " all enemies.(7)".
  • If the Turns To Charge (TTC) for the Special Skill is unknown, you can replace the number with a ? and write it as " all enemies. (?)"
  • Spirits without AS & SS should have a "None" written in the skill name section.
  • Below is a list of Common Answer Skills and Special Skills that will have auto-filled descriptions. Skills listed do not need the Answer/Special Skill description section to be filled. You can always check by clicking "Preview" after filling in the answer/special skill. This is helpful so that you do not have to memorize all the skills here.
Answer Skills Special Skills
Hard Rush
Hard Rush +
Hard Rush ++
Quick Rage
Reverse End
Lunatic Ray
Chaotic Ray
Trimagic +
Trimagic ++
Nightmare Spell
Momentary Elucidation
Sage Elucidation
Divine Elucidation
Blessing of the Forest
Blessing of the Fairies
Blessing of the Ocean
Self Cure
Self Cure +
Self Cure ++
Fire Heal
Fire Heal +
Fire Heal ++
Flame Recovery
Luminous Rays
Fire Emblem
Inferno Emblem
Water Emblem
Thunder Emblem
Crimson Emblem
Lightning Storm
Mixed Emblem
Flame Blade
Flame Breath
Crimson Blade
Black Flame Blade
Flare Stream
Cold Heal
Cold Heal +
Cold Heal ++
Frost Recovery
Snow White
Holy Rainstorm
Thunder Heal
Thunder Heal +
Thunder Heal ++
Lightning Heal
Starlight Cure
Ice Ball
Snow Blade
Deep Freeze
Frost Breath
Ice Blade
Icicle Blade
Snow Stream

Thunder Ball
Thunder Blade
Howling Lightning
Lightning Breath
Lightning Blade
Chain Lightning
Volt Stream

Light Rainstorm
Cure Rainstorm
Love Refectio
Slow Act
Time Freeze


  • The format for evo number is x/y, while x is the current evo stage, y is the total number of stages. In-game evo indicator can be used as guidance.
  • A "?" mark (not yet known) should be used for spirit evo stages that are not known yet.
  • Evo requirements that are known to be empty should be deleted in source (ignore this if you do not edit in source). This also apply to spirits that can evolve no more (highest stage).
  • A "?" can be used for evo materials whose names are not yet be known, or to indicate incomplete evo requirements.


  • The following are the list of availabilities:
Removed Spirits removed from the invoke pool.
Invoke Spirits still in the invoke pool or can evo from them
Special Evo spirits, Wizard books, and pots
Story Fodder and Spirits that drop from story quest
Event Spirits that can be obtained from events (non-invoke)
Limited Spirits that can be invoked for a limited period of time and can not be obtained through evo
Starter Spirits that you chose during the start of the game, e.g. Ignis.

Hidden PowerEdit

  • Hidden Powers should follow what is exactly written in the game. A list of Hidden Powers can be found here.
  • "None" should be written in the Hidden Power 1 section for spirits without Hidden Powers AND are unlikely to get them anytime soon.
  • A "?" can be used for hidden powers that are unknown or for partially filled hidden powers that are know from lower evolutions.


  • Spirit Polls should be removed for fodder spirits, evo spirits, wizard books, and spirits from friendship invoke.
  • Level table should only contain the levels of the spirit's rank, levels over the maximum should be removed, i.e. only up to level 50 for A rank spirits.
  • Stats in the Level table should NOT include bonuses from hidden powers.
  • Spirits for that can only be obtained at max level should only have the max level in their level table (e.g. event spirits like Peach Dumpling). If the spirit is available at level 1, the level table should be like the one in Wizard Book (Red) as other rows are likely never to be filled in.

Spirit PollEdit

The spirit Poll should be removed for all fodder spirits and evo spirits. It should only be present for usable good spirits such as all top rank, starter, and some mid rank spirits, and most event spirits. Use your own judgement when adding or removing the Spirit Poll. Most spirits only require the poll at the final stage but some may require it for lower stages as well. As a general guideline; usable spirits that are decent, regardless of evo rank, SHOULD have the Spirit Poll.

Category TagsEdit

Here are a list of tags and descriptions for them. In all tables below, bolded tags are added automatically from the Spirit Info Template, and should not be added manually.

These categories are mutually exclusive. A spirit should have no more than ONE of them.

Event Exclusive Spirits that can only be obtained from specific Events, i.e. rewards and limited time period Crystal Invocations.
Crystal Invoke Spirits who currently can be invoked using crystals and will remain indefinitely, and their evolutions.
Friendship Invoke Spirits that can be invoked using friendship points (or evolved from the invoked spirits), except Evo spirits.
Removed from Pool Spirits that were available for an extended time but were eventually removed from the invoking pool.
Evo Spirits that are common evo materials (not for Cannibals, see below).

These categories can be added in any combination, including with one of the above.

Guild Master Spirits rewarded for completing the final quest of each city and their alternate, event versions.
Cannibal Spirits that evolve by consuming same or lower evo stage(s) of themselves. Note that common Evo spirits (e.g. Rocher (Blue Eyes)) are of Evo category above, and specifically excluded from this category.
Missing Powers Spirits whose Hidden Powers are not yet known and are very likely to have some.

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