These quests have unlimited availability. They include the main story quests and the daily event quests.

Main StoryEdit

The main story quests allow you to adventure with Wiz. Despite the lackluster card rewards, these quests are a good way to stock up on crystals.

Port Town TorulikaForest Village RallydonKingdom WilitonaCity of Water AyviasMystic City SciornCitadel LorencioCity Map New
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Daily Event QuestsEdit

Each day there is a recurring daily quest in the event area. These are the best way to get Evolution Materials. A list of alternative locations to get evo spirits can be found in the Evos page.

At certain times of each day, a special event will occur. A flag on the main quest page will alert to when they're happening. These drop special event books (good for spirit EXP), and pots (good for gold).

Special book quests start at 1 AM EDT (server time) for even days (2nd, 4th, 6th...) and 2 AM EDT (server time) for odd days (1st, 3rd, 5th,...). They occur every 4 hours successively. The books available for each day will be of the same element so players can train their specific spirits. During weekends, there is a daily quest rotation that last for 1 hour each and starts at 3 AM on Saturday. The Wizard Training quests on weekends give a lot of experience.

Day Spirit Type (Evo) Daily Evo Quest Book/Pot Special Quest
Mon Rocher (Fire Stone) Icon Rocher (Rain Maker) Icon Rocher (Sparkle Eyes) Icon Monday Dancers
Flare Grim (Vermillion Flames) Icon
The Red Book of Flames
Tue Flameflow Icon Aquaflow (Jumping) Icon Moonlight Dancing Elecflow Icon Tuesday Flowers
Mist Grim (Deep Blue Sky) Icon
The Blue Book of the Ocean
Wed Hinokino (Rookie) Icon Frosh (Hero) Icon Pikadake (Master) Icon Wednesday Spirits
Elec Grim (Brilliant Lightning) Icon
The Yellow Book of Light
Thu Scarlet Dryad Icon Holy Tree of the Sea Icon Yugdracil (Tree of the Heavens) Icon Thursday Trees
Flare Grim (Vermillion Flames) Icon
The Red Book of Flames
Fri Fire Raccoon Icon Rain Raccoon (Lord) Icon Thunder Raccoon (King) Icon Friday Jesters
Mist Grim (Deep Blue Sky) Icon
The Blue Book of the Ocean
Sat Wizard Training Weekend Evo Quest Rotation
Elec Grim (Brilliant Lightning) Icon
The Yellow Book of Light
Sun Wizard Training Weekend Evo Quest Rotation
The Golden Pot Icon
A Pot of Gold Appears
  • As of March 1st, 2014, the Saturday and Sunday Daily Quests were replaced by Wizard Training.
  • As of May 30th, 2014, Daily Evo Quest Rotation was added during weekends.

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