[The wolf girl from foremost forests]
Nina (The wolf girl from foremost forests) Icon Element Fire Rank A
Max HP 1244
Max ATK 1397
Deck Cost 28 (28) Race WereBeast
Index # 700 Sells for 12,900 G
Answer Skill Wendy Crow
Three attacks to one enemy.
Special Skill Pride and run
Delay attack turn for 2 turns.
Hidden Powers
HP 13 ATK increases by 200
HP 9 Reduce Initial Special Skill turn by 1
HP 14 HP increases by 200
Evo TextEvo Fire OnEvo Fire OnEvo All OffEvo All OffEvo All Off
Evolution Stages
1 - Nina (The Wolf Girl)
2 - Nina (The wolf girl from foremost forests)
3 - Nina (The wolf girl seeking for freedom)
4 - Nina Lawrence (The Splendid Wolf Girl)
5 - Nina Lawrence (Splendid Wolf Princess)
Next Evolution Requirements
Gold Cost 336,000 G
Materials Holy Tree of Sunbeams IconA+ rankRocher (Fire Breather) IconB rankRocher (Fire Breather) IconB rankHinokino (Hero) IconB+ rankFlameflow IconC+ rankHinokino (Rookie) IconC+ rank
How to Obtain
Obtained from Limited Invoke: This spirit, or its other evos, was available in the Crystal Invocation for a short time.
Related Event Halloween Night
See Also
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48 1218 1368
50 1244 1397

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