Mr. Bob
[Dance Master]
Mr. Bob (Dance Master) Icon Element Thunder Rank S
Max HP 1298
Max ATK 1553
Deck Cost 33 (33) Race SpellCaster
Index # 666 Sells for 30,000 G
Answer Skill Soulful Beat!
Increase your attack greatly when HP are 45% or less
Special Skill Rainbow Stage
Change category panels to random elements. (3)
Hidden Powers
Evo TextEvo Thunder On MaxEvo Thunder On MaxEvo Thunder On MaxEvo Thunder On Max
Evolution Stages
1 - Bob (Afro Dancer)
2 - Bob (Floor Dancer)
3 - Bob (Main Dancer)
4 - Mr. Bob (Dance Master)
How to Obtain
Obtained from Event: This spirit was obtainable from a limited event quest(s).
Related Event Wizard Cup Snowflake Edition
See Also
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Pages Index Entry (666) • Pages that link here
Templates Spirit InfoboxEvo SwitcherInvokePool

This spirit was available during the Wizard Cup Snowflake Edition as a daily reward for wizards who ranked in 1st to 5th.

Introduction or Story

Travelling worlds in search of Soulful excitement, a peaceful haven was the last thing on Bob's mind.

Dancing from place to place; Bob continued to spread Music and Dance throughout the world.



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This leveling table is incomplete. Can you help filling it in?

48 1041 1305
-- -- --
70 1298 1553

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