Maryelle Eclipse
[Heavenly Water Emblem]
Maryelle Eclipse (Heavenly Water Emblem) Icon Element Water Rank S
Max HP 1603
Max ATK 2006
Deck Cost 38 (38) Race SpellCaster
Index # 592 Sells for
Answer Skill Aquatic Pentacross
Massive increase in damage to one enemy
Special Skill Mythical Emblem
Change category panels to all elements. (10)
Hidden Powers
Evo TextEvo Water On MaxEvo Water On MaxEvo Water On MaxEvo Water On Max
Evolution Stages
1 - Maryelle (Emblem Wizard)
2 - Maryelle (Water Emblem)
3 - Maryelle (Clear Water Emblem)
4 - Maryelle Eclipse (Heavenly Water Emblem)
How to Obtain
Obtained from Event: This spirit was obtainable from a limited event quest(s).
Related Event Wizard Cup Astrological Edition
See Also
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Templates Spirit InfoboxEvo SwitcherInvokePool

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Introduction or Story

High pitched screams can be heard through the streets.

Ignored by her rival Etwar, Maryelle shook her head.
Screaming for attention as Etwar quietly sipped green tea and ate dumplings.

"Hey! Hey! Were you listening to me? You can ignore everyone else but you need to listen to me!"
"Noooo! No more dumplings! No one is talking about dumplings!!"



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70 1603 2006

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