[Magic Swordsman of Frisson]
Luke (Magic Swordsman of Frisson) Icon Element Water Rank A
Max HP 1461
Max ATK 1378
Deck Cost 20 (20) Race Cavalier
Index # 326 Sells for 13,800 G
Answer Skill Quick Rage
Large increase in damage to one enemy. (1.20x)
Special Skill Ice Blade
Do a medium amount of water damage to all enemies. (7)
Hidden Powers
HP 13 ATK increases by 200
HP 14 HP increases by 200
HP 23 Water allies' HP increases by 100
HP 23 Water allies' HP increases by 100
HP 20 Water allies' ATK increases by 100
Evo TextEvo Water OnEvo Water OnEvo Water OnEvo All Off
Evolution Stages
1 - Luke (The Magic Swordsman)
2 - Luke (Oracular Magic Swordsman)
3 - Luke (Magic Swordsman of Frisson)
4 - Luke Grapenil (God Blade)
Next Evolution Requirements
Gold Cost 240,000 G
Materials Yugdracil (Tree of the Ocean) IconS rankFrosh (Master) IconA rankRain Raccoon (King) IconA rankMoonlight Dancing Aquaflow IconA rankMoonlight Dancing Aquaflow IconA rankFrosh (Hero) IconB+ rankRain Raccoon (Lord) IconB+ rankRocher (Rain Maker) IconB rank
How to Obtain
Obtained from Event: This spirit was obtainable from a limited event quest(s).
Related Events
See Also
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Pages Index Entry (326) • Pages that link here
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1 672 647
-- -- --
50 1461 1378

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