Lena Eruption
[Festive Flames]
Lena Eruption (Festive Flames) Icon Element Fire Rank S
Max HP 1807
Max ATK 2402
Deck Cost 39 (39) Race SpellCaster
Index # Sells for 33,600 G
Answer Skill Meteor Drive
Do a massive amount of damage to one thunder element enemy. (2.5x)
Special Skill Death Prison
Reduce one opponent's HP by 20%. (9)
Hidden Powers
Evo TextEvo Fire On Max
Evolution Stage
1 - Lena Eruption (Festive Flames)
How to Obtain
Obtained from Limited Invoke: This spirit, or its other evos, was available in the Crystal Invocation for a short time.
Related Event Wizard Cup Astrological Edition
See Also
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This spirit was available in the Crystal Invocation from Jan 7th to Jan 13th, 2014.

Alternate version(s)

Introduction or Story

A ceremony to celebrate the coming of a new year.

For generations the ritual was conducted by the four wizards representing each nation. An honorable ceremony with a long history and background.

...So it was supposed to be.
But what went wrong; it was the turn of the Wizard known as "Explosive Flames" to give the ceremonial speech.

"Let's lighten this place up a little! We only have this ceremony once a year!"

The flames from her fingertips illustrating the festive words in the air.
The magical Fireworks captivated all those who looked up towards the sky.

While the elders shook their heads at the wrecked ceremony, the attended citizens saw the coming of next era brought by the new Master Wizard.



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70 1807 2402

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