Kutlea Reinheart
[Azure Knight]
Kutlea Reinheart (Azure Knight) Icon Element Water Rank S
Max HP 2080
Max ATK 2132
Deck Cost 38 (38) Race Knight
Index # 747 Sells for
Answer Skill Azure Formation
Ultimate strike to one enemy.
Special Skill Azure Silver Shield
Reduce by 50% fire, water and thunder element damages. (9)
Hidden Powers
Evo TextEvo Water On Max
Evolution Stage
1 - Kutlea Reinheart (Azure Knight)
How to Obtain
Obtained from Limited Invoke: This spirit, or its other evos, was available in the Crystal Invocation for a short time.
Related Event Wizard Cup Astrological Edition
See Also
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This spirit was available in the Crystal Invocation from Jan 8th to Jan 13th, 2014.

Alternate version(s)

Introduction or Story

--In a world where the history of war never ends.

The war between two nations to determine the successor, had come to a temporary halt as heavy snow covered the land.

Both armies ceased action and had come to rest.
Setting up camp in a land far distant from the battlefield.

The freezing wind and snow was a "moment of rest" for soldiers, not knowing when war will once again rule their lives.
This was no different even for the royal knight known as "The Blue Comet."

"A moment of rest… not bad at all."

Taking the opportunity to rest her sword.
Until the day the Blue Flower once again blooms on the battlefield.



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This leveling table is incomplete. Can you help filling it in?

10 1175 1205
-- -- --
70 2080 2132

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