Heat Bat
Heat Bat Icon Element Fire Rank C
Max HP 400
Max ATK 400
Deck Cost 3 (3) Race Beast
Index # 731 Sells for 3000 G
Experience Worth (Same Element) Min. 22
Max. 213
Answer Skill None
Special Skill None
Hidden Powers
HP 13 ATK increases by 200
Evo TextEvo Fire OnEvo All Off
Evolution Stages
1 - Heat Bat
2 - Blaze Bat
Next Evolution Requirements
Gold Cost 3000 G
Materials Hinokino (Rookie) IconC+ rankFire Raccoon IconC+ rank
How to Obtain
Obtained from Event: This spirit was obtainable from a limited event quest(s).
Related Events
See Also
Pages Index Entry (731) • Pages that link here
Templates Spirit InfoboxEvo SwitcherInvokePool

This is a fodder spirit from the Halloween Night event.

Family Spirits



This leveling table is incomplete. Can you help filling it in?

1 184 200
-- -- --
10 400 400

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