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Run time: Oct 28 (0:00) to 31 (23:59), 2013

2014 Revisit: Renewed Halloween Night

2015 Revisit: Renewed Halloween Night (2015)

The treasure chests (sorting questions) give special candy evo spirits

Specials in Crystal InvocationsEdit


Quest Enemies Boss Notes
Pumpkin feast

☆, Rank 1, 10 MP

(~9050 G, 56 EXP)

Water (C) Cold Bat

Water (C+) Frigid Bat

Thunder (B) Bronze Pot

Water (B) Blue Ice pumpkin x3

Completion Rewards:

Twilight illumination

☆☆, Rank 1, 20 MP

(~23,700 G, 81 EXP)

Fire (C) Heat Bat

Fire (C+) Blaze Bat

Fire (B) Red Hot Pumpkin  x2

Fire (A) Crimson Wizard Book

Completion Rewards:

  • (none)

Mischief children

☆☆☆, Rank 1, 25 MP

Thunder (B) Light thunder pumpkin

Fire (A) Crimson Wizard Book

Water (A) Wizard Book (Azure)

Water (C+) Frigid Bat

Thunder (C+) Spark Bat

Thunder Emy Franken (The Little Girl)

Water Blue Ice pumpkin x2

Completion Rewards:

Targeted harvest festival

☆☆☆☆, Rank 1, 30 MP



Completion Rewards:

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