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Rusche (Wizard of Knowledge) is the guild master of Ayvias.

Enemies drop at level five.


In-Quest TranscriptEdit

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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-- A voice suddenly sounds deep in your mind.

???: Answer me this.

???: Who are you?

-- You can’t tell where the voice is coming from.

???: Answer the question.

???: O chosen bearer of the Oracle Ring…

???: … you are as a newborn yet unaware of his destiny.

???: The voiceless question shall open the door of wisdom.

-- What could this mean?

--The voiceless question?

-- The door of wisdom?

???: Mya-ha-ha…

???: What’s wrong, cat got your tongue?

-- That voice! Could it be…!

Wiz: The town of Ayvias is a veritable maze. I told you to stay close.

-- You apologize to Wiz as you rush to her side.

-- You come to the Lakeside City via the Forest City of Rallydon.

-- The lake’s so vast, it’s far shore is barely visible.

-- Magnificently dressed passers-by seem full of joy.

-- There are also so many aristocrats with their attendants in tow.

Wiz: Stop gawking. A ring bearer must be confident and proud.

-- You tell her that it’s only by chance you bear a ring.

Wiz: Mya-ha-ha. There’s a fine line between chance and destiny.

-- Suddenly, a number of guardsmen come rushing past you.


Wiz: Something’s happened. Let’s go have a look.

-- You and Wiz go racing after the hurried guardsmen.

???: Who the blazes are you and what do ya want with me!?

Deep-Voiced Guardsman: A common criminal by the looks of ‘im! And a bit of joker, too!

???: A joker!? I’m nothing if not serous--

Young Guardsman: Keep quiet if you know what’s good for you, sir.

???: Is that some sort of threat!?

-- You take a good look at the man.

-- That’s when you realize it’s Baron.

Baron: Hey, get your filthy paws off me! I’m on vacation!

Young Guardsman: Save it for back at the guard post. Now come along quietly.

-- Baron notices you’re there.

Baron: Isn’t this a coincidence? Tell ‘em this is all a big mistake!

Deep-Voiced Guardsman: He a friend o’ yours?

-- Cowed by the guardsman’s threatening voice…

-- …you say you’ve never seen him before.

Baron: What do you mean, you’ve never seen me before!

Young Guardsman: He’s hiding something. We’d best inform the Royal Knights, too.

-- You quickly explain that Baron is master of the Wizard’s Guild.

-- The guardsman finally relent when Baron shows his rank emblem.

Deep-Voiced Guardsman: Why didn’t ya just show that in the first place?

Young Guardsman: Please excuse us, Guildmaster. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

-- The guardsman leave you be.

Baron: That was quite a close shave. You weren’t much help, either.

Wiz: ……….

-- Wiz tries hard not to laugh at seeing Baron like this.

Baron: That cat with you? Well, I’m not looking for company, so…

-- You ask Baron what he’s doing in Ayvias.

Baron: A long deserved vacation. Been 30 years since my last one.

Baron: … But I do have some business back in Torulika tomorrow.

Baron: From what I hear, you’re shaping up to be a fine wizard.

Baron: You here for some training?

-- You tell him that about sums it up.

Baron: A resort training session, eh? Now that’s unique.

Baron: Hard work is well and good, but don’t forget to have some fun.

-- You tell him to enjoy himself, too.

Baron: Well, may we meet again!

-- Baron strolls off in a jaunty mood.

Wiz: Whew! That was torture, stifling my laughter like that.

Wiz: Doesn’t seem like he knows about your ring.

-- You wonder whether he knows what happened in Rallydon.

Wiz: It’s a bit out of the way, but we should stop by the guild.

Wiz: We’ll talk more there.

-- You finally reach the guild through a maze of streets.

-- …

-- Guards are keeping a close watch at the entryway.

???: Welcome to the Wizard’s Guild of Ayvias. What can I do for you?

-- Wiz nonchalantly strolls over to the guildmaster.

Wiz: …It’s me. Might we talk in private?

???: Ah!

-- At the guildmaster’s signal, the guards head outside.

???: Long time, no see, Wiz. Rumor was you’d gone missing.

???: What a cute, cuddly form you’ve found there.

Wiz: Mya-ha-ha, it’s a long story. But I take it you’re surprised?

???: Quite the opposite. After all, anything’s possible with you.

???: And who do we have here?

-- You introduce yourself to the guildmaster.

Rusche: I’m Rusche. Please to me you.

-- You notice a thick, long tail trailing behind him.

Rusche: Never seen a Dragunia before?

-- You tell him no, but that you have seen a talking cat.

Wiz: Mya-ha-ha, very funny.

Wiz: I know Rusche from back at the capital. He’s well connected.

Rusche: How kind of you to say. So, what sort of trouble are you in now?

Wiz: … Mya-ha-ha. I appreciate you getting right to the point.

-- You tell Rusche about what happened in Rallydon.

-- The HQ wizard, the hooded man, the forest sanctum, the Oracle Ring…

Rusche: …What an adventure. So, you must be a ring bearer.

Wiz: How are things at HQ?

Rusche: As peaceful as the still waters of Lake Ayvias.

Wiz: And Anastasia?

Rusche: The Minstery’s been quiet, too. The Four Sages aren’t all…

Rusche: …accounted for, and you’ve been absent from the council.

Wiz: Aw, you sure know how to bring a cat down.

Wiz: If Anastasia has gotten serious about recovering the rings…

Rusche: I can’t remain a neutral party in all this, can I?

-- Rusche seems to know exactly what you’re thinking.

Rusche: No, I’m not a ring bearer. Like, Loretta, I’m but their keeper.

Rusche: About the wizard who came to Rallydon to recover the rings…

Rusche: Did he clearly state that he was from HQ?

-- You nod that he did.

Rusche: That’s a bit disturbing. Why the kid gloves, I wonder?

Wiz: Couldn’t you dig a bit deeper?

Rusche: I’ll do everything I can, being that it’s you asking.

Rusche: But you must bide you time, it may take a while.

Rusche: Take on some jobs while you wait. I’ll arrange lodging for you here.

Wiz: Thanks. Ayvias can be a costly place in more ways than one.

Rusche: Didn’t expect to hear that from one of the Four Sages.

Wiz: Mya-ha-ha, well, I’m just one ordinary cat now.

-- You thank Rusche for his help and generosity.

Rusche: Don’t mention it. Besides, I need you as much as you need me.

--You've completed a quest. Go report to the Wizard's Guild.

-- Two guards are standing at attention in front of the guild.

-- It's clearly different from the guilds in Torulika and Wilitona.

-- You bow to the guards, but still they bar the guild's entrance.

-- You're reading jobs posted by other wizards when...

Rusche: We appreciate the help.

-- You ask about the two guards as you fill in the report forms.

Rusche: We must remain vigilant with people from other lands about.

-- It's quite a chore to fill in all the different report forms.

-- The tone of Rusche's voice suddenly lowers.

Rusche: ...I've been placed under house arrest.

-- Startled, you stop writing midsentence.

Wiz: ..........

-- Looking back, you see the two guards are coming inside.

-- You hand the forms to Rusche.

Rusche: Would you mind revising this part here?

-- In one corner, you see the words <Tonight, lake shore.>

-- You circle the words and hand the forms back before you leave.

(after completing Stage 4-4: Shadows on the Riverside)

-- You've been searching the lake's shore with Rusche, but...

Rusche: Woo-hoo!

-- He keeps you up all night. Dawn finds you in the Market Quarter.

-- Rusche gnaws on a grilled fish he bought by the roadside.

Rusche: I love the morning market. So vibrant. So much to eat.

-- And eat he does! So much so, you lose track of it all.

-- Rubbing your weary eyes, you see guardsman approaching.

-- It doesn't look like a courtesy call.

Rusche: ... Seems we've lingered too long.

-- A guardsman points his sword at you.

Guard: Do you realize whose presence you're in?

Rusche: Leave my friend alone. It is I who asked him to accompany me.

Guard: As you wish...

-- The guard immediately steps back.

Guard: Your Highness, why must you socialize below your standing?

-- ... You wonder what the guard meant by <Your Highness.>

Rusche: Very well, I'll return shortly. Now go.

-- The guardsman fall back in line and go marching off.

Wiz: I saw this coming, but... Here for a bit of fun?

Rusche: I was just thinking about our time together, Wiz.

Rusche: You were my one and only friend. That's why... why...

-- ...

Wiz: Rusche, you're the son of the House of Wadatsumi, rulers Ayvias.

Rusche: I renounced my title. I'm now master of the Wizard's Guild.

Wiz: And your father accepted you decision?

Rusche: If only another worthy heir would be born to our family.

-- The drama unfolding before your eyes has left you speechless.

-- Why would such a person wish to be master of the Wizard's Guild.

Rusche: What use is political power? Is this not the age of magic?

-- You don't know what to say.

Rusche: Forgive my deception, but long it's been since I had such fun.

Rusche: I can see now how skilled you are in the magic arts.

Rusche: HQ will release the results soon. Stop by the guild again.

-- Rusche looks gallant walking off with his tail waving.

-- Even from behind, he looks like he was born to rule this land.

-- Arriving at the guild, you see Rusche with a well-to-do woman.

Woman: Nothing comes to mind.

Rusche: Nothing isn't a lot to go on.

Woman: I only just hired the two of them, and they worked so hard.

Woman: They've been like family to us. I just don't understand.

-- You ask what's going on.

Rusche: Two of her servants vanished. She wants us to find them.

Woman: I asked the town guard to investigate, but they said no.

Rusche: Well, they seek to do the least work for the most pay.

Woman: The Wizard's Guild is my last hope. Please don't turn me away.

-- Rusche frowns.

Rusche: We'll post the job, but there might not be any wizards who accept...

Woman: Thank you. I shall hope for the best.

-- The woman bows her head and walks off with a feeble stride.

-- Rusche looks down at the job listing.

Rusche: Shion and Lianna, brother and sister, came to Ayvias 10 days ago.

Rusche: They vanished three days ago. Oh, and they're both Gairnikans.

Wiz: Sounds to me like--

Rusche: They most likely fled, didn't they?

Rusche: You're just looking for trouble when you hire Gairnikans.

-- Rusche looks like he wants to say something to you.

-- You tell him you wouldn't mind taking on the job.

Rusche: If you find the Gairnikan siblings, bring them back here.

-- Rusche hands you the listing. Now it's up to you to find them.

(before 8-4 boss battle)

-- Following a clue, you find a shrine on the far shore.

Wiz: I seriously doubt they'd be around here.

-- You would tend to agree, but you don't have any other leads.

-- Nothing seems out of the ordinary and the water is calm.

Wiz: We're letting a find day waste away. How about a swim?

-- You tell Wiz that it must be nice to live so fancy free.

Wiz: That's just what cats were born to do, mya-ha-ha.

-- Wiz trots happily to the water's edge when suddenly...

(after completing 8-4: The People of Gairnika)

-- You narrowly defeat the Aquadrake that suddenly surfaced.

-- The massive beast lays unmoving by the waterside.

Wiz: That dragon...

Wiz: ...No, that's impossible.

???: ...uwww...

Wiz: Hm? Did that dragon just say something?

???: ...Ouwww...

-- Both you and Wiz turn to look at the Aquadrake.

-- The very next instant...

???: Uuuh...

-- Where the dragon once laid, there's a foreign-looking girl.

Girl: ...Brother...

-- The girl proceeds to pass out and collapse to the ground.

Wiz: Look at the color of her skin. She must be from Gairnika.

-- So then... is this Lianna?

Wiz: She's bleeding badly. We better take her to Rusche at once.

-- You carry her back to town with the aid of an invoked spirit.

-- Laying down the girl you think might be Lianna, Rusche says...

Rusche: Why? Why would the Wadatsumi's <true name.>

-- You ask Rusche what he means by true name.

-- You've never heard of that term before.

Rusche: When we invoke spirits, they answer from the world beyond.

Rusche: That is the required ritual for them to take shape in our world.

Rusche: They only materialize with the correct answer--their true name.

Rusche: It is the same with us. All things have a true name.

Rusche: But if an Aquadrake truly appeared, then...

-- Then what?

Rusche: Aquadrake is the ancient true name of House Wadatsumi.

Rusche: No one else should bear that name, least of all a Gairnikan.

Rusche: That could only mean--

Wiz: I doubt that. That she yet lives only proves it.

-- Rusche suddenly falls silent before speaking once more.

Rusche: Leave her in my care while I report back to the client.

Rusche: We still must seek her brother. Let me know what you find.

-- You return to the guild, hearing Lianna was awake and speaking.

-- When Lianna sees you, she tugs at her covers as if terrified.

Rusche: There's nothing to fear. He's the one who brought you here.

-- But Lianna won't stop trembling.

Rusche: It seems she remembers battling you as an Aquadrake.

-- Wiz sits quietly by the bed, staring at Lianna.

Lianna: Nice kitty...

-- Lianna timidly pets Wiz as she jumps on to her and curls up.

-- She gently strokes her back as a faint smile comes to her face.

Rusche: So, you don't recall how or why you changed into an Aquadrake?

-- Lianna gives a silent nod.

Lianna: When I came to my senses, I was in the lake's icy water.

Lianna: It was like a fever dream. I can remember you attacking me.

-- You tell her how happy you are to see that she's all right.

Lianna: ...Thank you.

-- Rusche comes over and whispers something in your ear.

Rusche: I've received a report from an HQ agent.

Rusche: Anastasia has entered this land.

-- You can't help but notice that Wiz's ears suddenly prick up.

Rusche: There are three Oracle rings we know of here in this land.

Rusche: One is in your possession. One is in Ayvias. And the last one...

-- You notice Rusche looking at Wiz's swishing tail.

-- You wonder what a cat feels as it swishes it tail about.

Rusche: ...Let's just say the location of the last one is unknown.

Rusche: The Ministry won't stay silent if Anastasia's a serious threat.

-- You continue listening in silence.

Rusche: I want you to find someone for me. Right away if possible.

Rusche: If worse comes to worst, I don't care if he's dead or alive.

Rusche: His name is Shion...Shion Medial.

Rusche: He's a Ministry wizard.

-- Shion...a name you've heard before.

Lianna: Excuse me.

-- You notice Lianna is now standing beside the bed.

Lianna: I...I know where my brother Shion is.

Lianna: Please, you must help him.

-- You and Rusche exchange glances.

Lianna: My brother...he's possessed by a delusion.

-- You ask her what she means by that.

Lianna: He believes in transmutation.

Wiz: Ah!

Rusche: Ah!

-- You ask what transmutation is.

Rusche: A forbidden art wherein you cast off your true name for another.

Rusche: With it, you can transform into anyone or anything.

-- You ask if that's how Lianna changed into an Aquadrake.

Rusche: ...But a discarded true name should be lost forever.

Rusche: Lianna, what are you and your brother up to?

Lianna: I only did what he asked. I know nothing more.

Lianna: I'm no user of magic. My brother on the other hand...

Lianna: I...I don't want to lose him.

Lianna: Please...please don't kill him, I'm begging you.

-- As Lianna weeps, Rusche places a hand on her shoulder.

Rusche: We'll do everything we can.

-- On this matter, both you and Rusche agree.

-- When Lianna calms a bit, she reveals Shion's whereabouts.

(before 11-4 boss battle)

--You arrive at a lakeside cottage.

-- According to Lianna, that's where you'll find her brother.

-- You spy a man by the lake and call to him from behind.

-- You call out the name Shion Medial.

-- The man turns toward you.

Shion: ...And you are?

-- You tell him about Lianna, and ask him to accompany you.

Shion: I see...

Shion: I'd feared that Lianna had met a watery grave.

Shion: I'm glad she's 'alright'

-- You ask him once more to return with you to the guild, but...

Shion: I don't take orders from lowly wizards like you.

-- Taking a card in hand, Shion starts casting a spell.

Shion: Lianna's a vessel... our hope. ...A treasure beyond your grasp.

Shion: And I will take her back.

(after completing 8-4: Confronting Shion)

-- His strength spent, Shion falls to his knees.

Shion: This can't be. How could I be defeated?

-- You, too, have expended the majority of your power.

-- Shion struggles to his feet and starts casting a spell, but...

Shion: Ack...

-- He falls once more, this time passing out completely.

-- Your energy's spent, you can't even invoke a spirit.

-- With the aid of a guardsman, you carry Shion back to the guild.

-- Shion didn't come to for some time after he was taken to the guild.

-- Lianna waited by him, never letting go of his hand.

-- She wouldn't leave his side or listen to you or Rusche.

-- Only when Wiz drew near would her expression soften.

-- Shion finally woke late one night.

Shion: that you?

Lianna: Brother!

-- Shion slowly sat up in bed.

Rusche: I see you've finally wakened. How do you feel?

Shion: Well, I really feel like bashing some wizards right now.

Rusche: Don't let us stop you. We've no wish to oppose you.

Shion: And those guards stationed outside the room?

Rusche: How very perceptive.

Rusche: Let's get on with this, I have two questions for you.

Shion: And if I refuse to answer?

Rusche: I already know you're a Ministry wizard.

Rusche: What are you after? The rings?

Shion: The Oracle Rings? Well, a man could get rich selling just one.

Rusche: Question two..You transmuted Lianna, didn't you?

Shion: Are asking me or telling me what you already know?

Rusche: ...How is it that Lianna yet lives?

Rusche: Transmutation consumes the body, leaving only ash in the end.

Shion: I repeat, are you asking me or telling me what you know?

Rusche: ..........

Shion: You've the tail of a Dragunia. House Wadatsumi, I presume?

Rusche: And if I were?

Shion: Heh...

Shion: Heh heh...

Shion: Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

Rusche: Did I say something funny? Or have you gone mad?

Shion: I couldn't help but laugh. Isn't that right Lian--

Shion: ...Lianna?

-- Lianna has left Shion's side and is now gazing at him fearfully.

Shion: Li...Lianna?

Lianna: What's happened to you, brother?

Lianna: You''re scaring me.

-- Shion slowly blinks, and the replies.

Shion: Now is not the time for fear!

Shion: Remember the Gairnikan precepts, the sorrow of our people!

Shion: Would you flee before those who have done us wrong!?

-- Lianna continues to shake her head.

-- Rusche falls silent as if he has realized something.

-- Ignoring Rusche's questions.

Rusche: ...You leave me no choice.

-- The guards who had been watching outside enter to arrest Shion.

-- Lianna stares vacantly from behind as he's taken away.

Rusche: Those who have done them wrong...

-- It was days later that Shion escaped his captors.

-- A nice breeze blows from the lake as you walk with Wiz.

Wiz: No one's been able to find Shion yet.

-- This despite the large search party that Rusche had formed.

Wiz: If he's after the rings, we must make our move before he does.

-- Taking Smaragd from your pocket, you hold it up to the moonlight.

-- At first glance, it looks like any ordinary ring.

Wiz: The Oracle Rings are the keys to the Door of True Wisdom.

Wiz: They open a different door to the world beyond than your cards do.

-- It is then that you ask Wiz where her Oracle Ring is.

Wiz: Truth be told...

Wiz: I don't know where it is.

Wiz: Mya-ha-ha.

-- You know that's not true, so you press her further.

Wiz: I...I left it behind.

-- You ask her where.

Wiz: Well...

Wiz: Before I forget, I found this great place to eat.

-- You can't hide your fustration with Wiz...

-- ...telling her life's at risk while she can't use magic.

Wiz: I appreciate your concern, but--

-- As you near the Wizard's Guild, you can't believe your eyes.

-- One of the sturdy door guards is bleeding on ground.

-- The guild itself had gone dark, and its windows are broken.

-- You race over to the fallen guard.

Guard: Y-you...

-- You ask him what happened.

Guard: Shion... He has...His Highness and...the Gairnikan girl.

Guard: ...He's taken them to Aquadrake...Shrine.

Guard: must save His Highness...Rusche...

-- With those final words, the guard passes from this world.

-- Wiz exits the guild after having a look inside.

Wiz: It's empty. No sign of Rusche or Lianna.

-- You tell Wiz what the guard said.

Wiz: Aquadrake Shrine... That's where we found Lianna.

-- Nodding to each other, you and Wiz spring into action.

-- At Aquadrake Shrine on the far shore of Ayvias...

-- You and Wiz find Rusche collapsed before the shrine.

Rusche: Oh, it's you two.

Wiz: What in the world happened!?

Rusche: I let my guard down. ...Never though it would come to this.

-- Rusche points toward the shrine.

-- The door is open, revealing a spiral stairway leading down.

Rusche: It leads to an underground temple.

Rusche: The ring and the true name of Wadatsumi...

Rusche: That door should've been closed to all but the House of Wadatsumi.

-- Rusche is covered in wounds.

Rusche: Shion took Lianna, too. Please, you must stop him.

(before 14-4 boss battle)

-- You've reached temple's deepest depths.

-- It's a massive chamber with glowing moss and blue crystals.

-- The two Gairnikans are at the central altar.

Shion: ...You again.

-- The ring glows on Shion's right hand.

Lianna: ..........

-- Lianna is gazing upward with a vacant stare and does not move.

-- You wonder what Shion is up to now.

Shion: Behold!

-- Shion raises his ring and begins casting a spell.

-- Blinding light spills forth from around the altar.

-- You notice a huge magic circle has been drawn around it.

Shion: This time it's not a test.

Shion: Feel the wrath of the Wadatsumi's true name within this ring.

-- You race toward the altar to stop Shion.

Shion: You're done meddling in my affairs, wizard!

(after completing 14-4: To the Lowest Level)

-- After a long, fierce battle, you defeat Shion's invoked spirits.

-- But Shion remains defiant.

Shion: ...I concede defeat, wizard.

-- The magic circle enveloping the altar grows even brighter.

-- Looking up, you see the light has lit an expansive space.

Shion: But I'm afraid your efforts were little too late.

-- With that, Shion holds his ring up high.

Shion: Heed my call, O dweller in the Oracle Ring Sapphirus.

Shion: Your vessel is here.

Shion: And your name is--

-- Before Shion says the name, the circle and all around it go dark.

Shion: What's the meaning of this!

-- Your eyes finally adjust to the darkness.

Lianna: B-Brother?

-- The light returns to her eyes, and at her feet is Wiz.

Wiz: ...

Lianna: Enough. What good could ever come of this?

Shion: We made a vow together. There's no turning back now.

Lianna: I'll keep my vow. But what you're doing is wrong.

Lianna: Do not corrupt your body and soul with petty vengeance.

Shion: Petty? Petty, you say?

-- Shion turns his eyes up in pain.

Shion: We've lost everything, our home, our family, our past and future.

Shion: And you call such sorrow petty? You are dead to me now, Lianna.

-- Shion once more holds the ring up high.

-- The magic circle light again with a blinding glare.

Lianna: No, brother, don't!

Lianna: You're not a vessel!

-- Shion completes his spell before you and Wiz can stop him.

-- The surrounding light gathers to Shion in great whirling torrent.

-- When the light finally subsides, you can't believe your eyes.

???: ...

Lianna: B-Brother?

Shion: So this...

Shion: This is the power of the Wadatsumi.

Shion: magnificent!

-- The Aquadrake slams into the wall. Water starts trickling in.

-- But before long, the trickle becomes a torrent.

Lianna: Oh, no!

Wiz: Yikes.

-- The whole place looks like it's about to collapse!

-- You grab Lianna's hand and run with all your might.

-- Tragedy struck 13 years ago in the magic academy town of Sciorn.

-- Many wizards vanished when a secret experiment went wrong.

-- The Wizard's Guild said it was the result of a forbidden spell.

-- All involved were arrested and purged from the guild.

-- And behind the purge was one of the Four Sages of that time...

Rusche: ...My grandfather.

-- You return to the Wizard's Guild after escaping from the temple.

Lianna: Our father said he had nothing to do with the experiment.

Lianna: We were so young. All we recall is Father was suddenly gone.

Lianna: That and our mother sobbing each and every night.

Rusche: This is mere hearsay...

Rusche: ...but it was supposedly an epic battle between mighty wizards.

Lianna: Soon we lost Mother, too, but we survived by sticking together.

Lianna: ...And by harboring a grudge against the Wizard's Guild.

-- You ask her if she still feels that way.

-- Linanna shakes her head no.

Lianna: I can't use magic. I tried many times harder than Shion...

-- ...but I didn't hear a single voice from the world beyond.

Lianna: I believe it's my own body that rejects the power of magic.

Lianna: That was when I despaired, for magic was to be our vengeance.

Lianna: But seeing Shion studying in earnest, I couldn't tell him.

Rusche: He's mastered the ring...

Rusche: ...the Oracle Ring Sapphirus, hasn't he?

Lianna: To use the House of Wadatsumi's own power to crush all linked to them...

Lianna: That would be Shion's revenge.

Lianna: ...Forgive me for not telling you this sooner.

-- Shion had looked just like Rusche after transmuting.

-- You ask whether that is the power of the Wadatsumi.

Rusche: It's a transitory form before the true name enters a vessel.

Rusche: If he were to achieve the true form...

-- All of Ayvias would be in danger.

Rusche: You must stop Shion, I'm begging you.

Rusche: You're my last hope, for only a ring bearer could stop him.

Lianna: ...

Wiz: ...

-- Nodding your assent, your hand goes for Smaragd in your pocket.

(before 15-4 boss battle)

-- Braving the other Aquadrakes Shion invoked

-- and Wiz once again reach the lowest level.

Shion: Did you really think you would get out of this alive?

Shion: These deepest depths shall be your final resting place.

-- Lake water starts pouring forth from the cracked walls.

-- The temple is collapsing faster that you'd expected.

-- It suddenly dawns on you that Shion will drown just like you.

Shion: I am not a vessel, after all.

Shion: I'd rather save my body so I can enjoy my revenge a bit longer.

-- That's when you realize his transmutation isn't yet complete.

-- Taking a card in hand, you start casting a spell.

Shion: This marks our third battle. Isn't it getting rather old?

-- Shion, too, starts casting a spell.

Shion: The time is ripe.

Shion: The end of your life shall be the beginning of my revenge!

(after completing 15-4: Time of Judgment)

-- You barely have the strength to stand after the battle.

-- Aquadrake, the true name of the House of Wadatsumi and immense...

-- ...beast from the ring Sapphirus lies sprawled on the ground.

Shion: I...I don't understand.

Shion: Sapphirus...


-- Shion's body begins to rapidly deteriorate.

-- It's the collapse of the vessel, you think to yourself.

-- You can't remember ever being so tired.

-- You sink to the floor as the lake comes gushing in.

-- Its icy water steals away your body's heat.

-- ..........

-- ......

-- ...

???: Ah!

-- You suddenly come to your senses.

-- You noticed the water is subsiding.

-- And you see a totally drenched Wiz eyeing you with concern.

-- There's no sign of the mighty Aquadrake.

-- And there at the altar where Shion had once stood is Lianna.

Lianna: Brother...

-- You call to her.

Lianna: Without Shion... I'm not truly alone.

Lianna: But this is what my dear brother would have wanted.

Lianna: ...

Wiz: ...

-- Wiz slowly snuggles up to Lianna.

-- She picks her up and turns to look back.

Lianna: The ring...Smaragd, if you please.

-- You can't believe your eyes.

-- Lianna produces a hidden knife and presses it to Wiz's neck.

-- You ask her what's going on.

Lianna: Did you not hear me?

Lianna: Are you not a ring bearer?

Lianna: Though I can't use magic, I can at least wield a knife.

-- Wiz's eye stay fixed on you. There's not a hint of fear.

-- You ask if she'd been planning this all along.

Lianna: Not in the least.

Lianna: This only happened because Shion was so bent on vengeance.

Lianna: I even gave him one last chance after freeing him from prison.

Lianna: Recovering the Oracle Rings... That is our true mission.

Lianna: Fool for a brother... He had an easy prize right before his eyes.

Lianna: Now, the ring if you please.

-- You stall while trying to think of something to do.

Lianna: Nothing against cats. I like how they think we're their equals.

Lianna: Don't make me spill needless blood.

-- You tightly grasp the ring in your pocket.

-- You try to think of something.

Lianna: I'm going to count to three.

-- You don't know what to do.

Lianna: 1...2...

-- You have to do something!

Lianna: ...You leave me no choice.

Lianna: I'll just have to bear with Sapphirus then.

-- Lianna raises the knife to strike.

-- You desperately try to think of something to do.

-- Your energy is spent and your body exhausted. What's left?

-- Negotiate! But using what?

-- The knife slowly lowers toward Wiz.

-- Think!

-- Think! Think!

-- Think! Think! Think!

-- ..........

-- ......

-- ...

-- Mya-ha-ha.

-- Wiz's silly laugh sounds in the back of your mind.

-- You finally admit defeat.

-- You toss the Oracle Ring Smaragd onto the ground.

Lianna: At least you know when you're beaten.

Lianna: Now, step away from the ring. And no false moves.

-- You move away as ordered.

-- Lianna walks slowly up to the ring.

Lianna: A promise is a promise.

-- As she takes the ring, she hurls Wiz behind her and runs off.

-- You try to chase after her, but you have no strength left.

-- Wiz come running up to you.

Wiz: What's wrong with you!

-- Wiz bites your leg.

Wiz: That ring was more important than all my nine lives!

Wiz: Why'd you have to do that!

Wiz: It's...

Wiz: It's...

Wiz: It's all my fault! There's not much I can do looking like this.

Wiz: I'm nothing but a burden on you.

-- Wiz trudges slowly toward the way out.

-- You run up and take her in your arms.

Wiz: Mya-ha?

-- You bury your face in her wet fur and start to speak.

-- But all you can produce are incoherent sobs.

-- That night...

-- Back at the guild, you and Wiz turn in without filing a report.

-- Deep in your dreams, Wiz's heartbeat is like a lullaby.

-- The next morning...

Rusche: How could I be so wrong? Lianna was the bigger threat all along.

Rusche: The town guard is looking into her current whereabouts.

Wiz: If the Ministry's involved, she's long gone by now.

Rusche: I can truly say I hate myself right now.

Rusche: My true name and my Oracle Ring are both lost. I'm useless.

-- You ask where Lianna could have gone.

Rusche: I heard Anastasia had entered Sciorn. She's the only one...

Rusche: ...among the Four Sages who knows what happened 13 years ago.

Rusche: And Lianna is from Sciorn. I know that much is true.

Wiz: What is it that Anastasia did 13 years ago?

Rusche: Never heard that she was involved in the purge at least.

Wiz: But the battle was so fierce, Rusche's grandfather was killed.

-- You add that Rusche's grandfather was the strongest of the sages.

Rusche: I'll...

Rusche: I'll be powerless to help once you've left Ayvias.

Rusche: It shames me to remain here, but I've no choice.

Rusche: Don't get yourself killed.

-- Soon after you leave the Wizard's Guild...

-- Wiz seems embarrassed as she thanks you.

Wiz: Thanks for all your help.

Wiz: But truth be told, there's still so much I wish to do.

Wiz: It's about time I figure out how to restore my previous form.

-- You ask Wiz if she'd mind explaining what happened.

Wiz: Ask away.

-- So, you ask her how she'd turned, or rather, been turned into a cat.

-- Was it transmutation.

Wiz: Mya-ha-ha.

Wiz: What an active imagination you have.

Wiz: I've been a cat for some time now, but I'm doing quite well.

Wiz: Still, it's not as if I wanted to be--

Wiz: ........

Wiz: Err...

-- You mention what Lianna said about a vessel's will.

-- And as you ask about her turning into a cat, she cuts you off.

Wiz: You think me despondent at becoming a cat?

Wiz: Well, you're wrong. I rather like being a fancy-free feline.

-- You start walking ahead.

-- You're off to Sciorn.

-- There, perhaps, all questions will be answered.

Stage 1: Guarding the MansionEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes
To the Gardens

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2519-2977 G, 308-352 EXP)

Water Blue Demon

Water Ice Devil Gunner

Water Sapphire Fish

Water Aquaflow (Dancing)

Fire Flameflow (Dancing)

Thunder Elecflow (Dancing)

Water Skeleton Warrior (Water)

Fire Flame Goblin

Thunder Rare Emerald Fish

Fire Flame Goblin

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal
Looking for Monsters

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2519-2977 G, 308-352 EXP)

Fire Elite Red Demon

Fire Elite Red Demon

Fire Elite Red Demon

Follow the Trail

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2748-3206 G, 330-374 EXP)

Fire Elite Red Demon

Thunder Rare Emerald Fish

Fire Elite Red Demon

The Boss Appears

(Rank 10, 18 MP)

(2519-2977 G, 308-352 EXP)

Fire Flame Goblin

Fire Elite Red Demon

Fire Flame Goblin

Cleared: So it wasn't burglars and instead were horrific monsters! Thanks for investigating!

Stage 2: Ingredients for a BanquetEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes
Clues on the Ingredients

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2832-3264 G, 330-366 EXP)

Fire Fire Bee-girl

Thunder Thunder Bee-girl

Thunder Thunder Goblin

Fire Flame Rabbit

Fire Elite Flame Rabbit

Fire Elite Flame Rabbit

Fire Elite Flame Rabbit

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal
Road with Fresh Breeze

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2596-2832 G, 308-344 EXP)

Water Elite Aqua Plant

Fire Honey (The Garden Fairy)

Water Elite Aqua Plant

Blocking Intruders

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2596-3028 G, 308-352 EXP)

Fire Honey (The Garden Fairy)

Fire Elite Flame Rabbit

Fire Honey (The Garden Fairy)

Legendary Ingredients

(Rank 10, 18 MP)

(2792-3304 G, 322-374 EXP)

Fire Elite Flame Rabbit

Water Werewolf

Fire Elite Flame Rabbit

Cleared: That's all the ingredients! Now to cook up a feast! You've been helpful!

Stage 3: Fountain RepairsEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes
Source of the Water Supply

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2673 G, 322-414 EXP)

Water Ice Centaur

Thunder Thunder Centaur

Water Blue Fighter

Thunder Thunder Slime

Thunder Thunder Axe Centaur

Fire Bloody Merman

Thunder Thunder Axe Centaur

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal
Complicated Water Flow

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2430-3645 G, 299-414 EXP)

Thunder Thunder Axe Centaur

Thunder Thunder Axe Centaur

Thunder Thunder Axe Centaur

The Guarded Boundaries

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2673-3159 G, 276-368 EXP)

Thunder Elite Thunder Fighter

Fire Bloody Merman

Thunder Elite Thunder Fighter

Contaminated Water Supply

(Rank 10, 18 MP)

(2430-3159 G, 299-368 EXP)

Thunder Elite Thunder Fighter

Thunder Thunder Axe Centaur

Thunder Elite Thunder Fighter

Cleared: All back to normal! Thank you for your help.

Stage 4: Lakeside InvestigationEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Lakeside Patrol

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2393-3486 G, 302-391 EXP)

Thunder Emerald Fish

Fire Red Gobble Frog

Thunder Yellow Gobble Frog

Fire Fire Plant

Fire Fire Slime

Fire Wizard Book (Crimson)

Water Wizard Book (Azure)

Thunder Wizard Book (Lightning)

Fire Violet Gobble Frog

Fire Violet Gobble Frog

Fire Violet Gobble Frog

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Beautiful Water Surface

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2244-2493 G, 279-302 EXP)

Fire Flame Slime

Water Deep Blue Gobble Frog

Fire Flame Slime

Silent Night Road

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2989-3237 G, 346-368 EXP)

Fire Flame Slime

Fire Violet Gobble Frog

Fire Flame Slime

Shadows on the Riverside

(Rank 10, 18 MP)

(2991-3488 G, 348-393 EXP)

Fire Violet Gobble Frog

Water Deep Blue Gobble Frog

Fire Violet Gobble Frog

Cleared: Well, seems everything is under control. Shall we head back now?

Stage 5: Lost KittenEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Gathering Information

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(3072-3328 G, 360-408 EXP)

  1. Fire Flame Rabbit
  2. Water Frost Rabbit
  3. Fire Red Valkyrie
  4. Water Blue Valkyrie

Possible Formations:

{(4), (3, 3, 2), (2, 4), (1, 4, 1)}

{(Water), (FireFireWater), (WaterWater), (FireWaterFire)}

Thunder Elite Yellow Demon

Water Elite Blue Demon

Thunder Elite Yellow Demon

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

How a Cat Feels

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2816-3505 G, 336-408 EXP)

Water Elite Blue Demon

Water Elite Frost Rabbit

Water Elite Blue Demon

Winding Narrow Roads

(Rank 10, 14 MP)

(2560-3328 G, 312-384 EXP)

Water Elite Frost Rabbit

Thunder Elite Yellow Demon

Water Elite Frost Rabbit

Paradise for Cats

(Rank 10, 18 MP)

(3584 G, 384-408 EXP)

Water Elite Frost Rabbit

Water Elite Frost Rabbit

Water Elite Frost Rabbit

Cleared: Oh, I'm so glad you're back... Thank you very much!

Stage 6: Abandoned RuinsEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

The Old Ruins

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3003 G, 350 EXP)

Water Aqua Hand

Water Blue Mummy

Thunder Yellow Mummy

Water Skeleton Warrior (Water)

Thunder Skeleton Warrior (Thunder)

Fire Red Mummy (Lord) (x2)

Thunder Yellow Mummy (Lord)

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Silent View

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3200-4095 G, 325-400 EXP)

Water Blue Mummy (x2)

Fire Red Mummy (Lord)

Mysterious Noise

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3003-3276 G, 350-375 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Mummy (Lord) Thunder Yellow Mummy (Lord)

Thunder Yellow Mummy (Lord)

Horde of Beasts

(Rank 10, 19 MP)

(3003-3549 G, 300-350 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Mummy (Lord)

Thunder Yellow Mummy (x2)

Cleared: I can always rely on Wizards! Now to get back to my studies...

Stage 7: Shocked Old ManEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Path of the Old Man

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3348-3627 G, 375-400 EXP)

Thunder Thunder Centaur

Thunder Thunder Goblin

Fire Hinokino (Hero)

Water Frosh (Hero)

Thunder Pikadake (Hero)

Thunder Thunder Rabbit

Thunder Elite Thunder Rabbit

Water River Goblin (x2)

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Quiet Walking Road

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3348-3350 G, 375 EXP)

Thunder Elite Thunder Rabbit

Thunder Elite Thunder Rabbit

Thunder Elite Thunder Rabbit

Meeting the Elderly Couple

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3348-3906 G, 375-425 EXP)

Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Save the Old Man!

(Rank 10, 19 MP)

(3906 G, 375-400 EXP)

Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Water Frosh (Hero) (x2)

Cleared: Oh Gramps! I was so worried... Thanks for bringing him back.

Stage 8: The Two GairnikansEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Searching the Town

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3432-4004 G, 390-442 EXP)

Water Water Bee-girl

Water Blue Demon

Water Cold Urg

Thunder Thunder Urg

Thunder Bolt Urg

Thunder Bolt Urg

Thunder Bolt Urg

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Never-ending Road

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3718-4290 G, 416-468 EXP)

Fire Hell Urg

Thunder Honey (The Lily Fairy) (x2)

Thoughts of the Two

(Rank 10, 15 MP)

(3718-4290 G, 416-468 EXP)

Thunder Bolt Urg

Fire Hell Urg (x2)

The People of Gairnika

(Rank 10, 19 MP)

(4290-4576 G, 416-442 EXP)

Water (A) Leviata
Cleared: Thank you. I knew your were the right one for the job.

Stage 9: A Strange VisitorEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Guiding the Town

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(4102-4395 G, 442-468 EXP)

Water Ice Devil Gunner

Thunder Thunder Fighter

Water Frost Rabbit

Water Skeleton Warrior (Water)

Thunder Thunder Valkyrie

Fire Flameflow (Dancing)

Water Aquaflow (Dancing)

Thunder Elecflow (Dancing)

Fire Elite Red Fighter

Thunder Gold Valkyrie (x2)

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Peaceful Town

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(4395-4500 G, 468 EXP)

Fire Elite Red Fighter (x3)

Laughter of Children

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(4395 G, 468 EXP)

Thunder Gold Valkyrie

Fire Elite Red Fighter (x2)

Assaults Before Farewells

(Rank 11, 19 MP)

(4102-4395 G, 364-390 EXP)

Fire Flameflow (Dancing)

Water Aquaflow (Dancing)

Thunder Elecflow (Dancing)

Cleared: I'm just a clown that came to see the children of this town. That's all, really.

Stage 10: Strange SoundsEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Bright Moonlight

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(3588-4186 G, 351-405 EXP)

ThunderSpark Hand

Fire Red Mummy

Thunder Yellow Mummy

Water Blue Mummy (Lord)

Fire Red Mummy (x2)

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Silence of the Night

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(4186 G, 459 EXP)

Water Blue Mummy (Lord)

Water Blue Mummy (Lord)

Water Blue Mummy (Lord)

Sudden Horror

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(3289-3887 G, 324-378 EXP)

Fire Blaze Golem

Fire Red Mummy (x2)

Source of the Sounds

(Rank 11, 19 MP)

(4186-4784 G, 459-513 EXP)

Fire Blaze Golem

Water Blue Mummy (Lord) (x2)

Cleared: Thank you so much! Now I can go to sleep in peace!

Stage 11: Quiet LakesideEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Unique Quest Enemies Boss Notes

In Search of Shion

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(3672-4284 G, 364-420 EXP)

Fire Red Gobble Frog

Fire Fire Slime

Thunder Emerald Fish

Thunder Yellow Merman

Fire Ruby Fish

Thunder Delight Merman

Thunder Yellow Merman (x2)

In chests:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Road to Determination

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(3672 G, 420 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Merman

Thunder Emerald Fish

Fire Ruby Fish

Thunder Delight Merman

Thunder Delight Merman

Thunder Delight Merman

A Lakeside Too Quiet

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(3672 G, 364 EXP)

Thunder Emerald Fish

Fire Red Gobble Frog x2

Thunder Delight Merman

Confronting Shion

(Rank 11, 19 MP)

(3060 G, 336 EXP)

Fire Ruby Fish

Thunder Emerald Fish

Thunder Yellow Merman

Water Hydro Dragon

Water Hydro Dragon

Cleared: Are you alright? You seem all exhausted!

Stage 12: The Sweep OperationEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Unique Quest Enemies Boss Notes

Ready for Departure

(Rank 11, 15MP)

(4069 G, 448 EXP)

Water Aqua Hand

Water Ice Centaur

Fire Elite Red Creeper x2

Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Onslaught of Beasts

(Rank 11, 15MP)

(4069 G, 448 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Demon Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Water Frozen Axe Centaur

Entering the Nest

(Rank 11, 15MP)

(4069 G, 392 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Demon

Thunder Thunder Plant

Water Ice Centaur x2

Water Chimera

Operation Sweep-up!

(Rank 11, 19MP)

(4069-8043 G, 448 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Demon

Thunder Thunder Plant

Fire Elite Red Creeper x2

Water Chimera

Cleared: Wow, you took out all those monsters on your own? A real wizard you are!

Stage 13: Curing an Injured SoldierEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

To Find the Cure

(Rank 11, 15MP)

(3828 G, 435 EXP)

Fire Flame Devil Gunner

Fire Skeleton Warrior (Fire)

Thunder Skeleton Warrior (Thunder)

Thunder Thunder Devil Gunner

Thunder Silver Pot

Thunder Wizard Book (Yellow)

Water Hail Devil Gunner

Water Hail Devil Gunner

Water Hail Devil Gunner

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Wild Roads

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(3788-4745 G, 426-513 EXP)

Thunder Skeleton Warrior (Lightning) x2

Water Hail Devil Gunner

Unknown Shadows

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(4426 G, 426 EXP)

Thunder Skeleton Warrior (Thunder) x2

Water Hail Devil Gunner

Growing on the Mountains

(Rank 11, 19 MP)

(4147 G, 377 EXP)

Thunder Skeleton Warrior (Thunder)

Thunder Skeleton Warrior (Thunder)

Thunder Skeleton Warrior (Thunder)

Cleared: The cure seems to have worked! Thanks for your assistance.

Stage 14: To the Underground TempleEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Underground Temple Entrance

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(4238 G, 377 EXP)

Thunder Rocher (Sparkle Eyes)

Fire Rocher (Red Eyes)

Water Rocher (Blue Eyes)

Thunder Yellow Merman

Thunder Emerald Fish

Water Blue Gobble Frog

Water Aqua Slime

Water Blue Merman

Water Blue Merman x2

Fire Rocher (Red Eyes)

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Hidden in the Shadows

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(4238 G, 377 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Merman x2

Water Rocher (Blue Eyes)

Tough Monsters

(Rank 11, 15 MP)

(3912-4564 G, 348-406 EXP)

Water Blue Gobble Frog x2

Thunder Rocher (Sparkle Eyes)

To the Lowest Level

(Rank 11, 19 MP)

(4564 G, 435 EXP)

Water Chimera Drain
Cleared: We can't let him get away. We must do something before all comes to worst.

Stage 15: Confronting the AquadrakeEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

As the Holder

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(4802 G, 450 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Merman

Thunder Emerald Fish

Fire Red Merman

Fire Ruby Fish

Fire Fire Plant

Fire Red Merman x2

Water (A) Leviata

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

Bizarre Temple

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(4802 G, 450 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Merman x2

Water (A) Leviata

Assault of the Aquadrakes

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(4459 G, 480 EXP)

Water (A) Leviata

Water (A) Leviata

Water (A) Leviata

Time of Judgment

(Rank 11, 20 MP)

(5145 G, 570 EXP)

Water (S) Leviathan (The Ocean Emperor)

(~61,130 HP, 2TTC, ATK All ~420 to Thunder)

Cleared: Thank you. Without your help, this town would have been destroyed.

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