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Spirits drop at level 1.

Bernadette (Young Nun) is the guildmaster of Citadel Lorencio.


In-Quest TranscriptEdit

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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It is both alpha and omega.

A space that connects worlds, it devours all and creates all.

The Abyss.

The Way was opened by one wizard and closed by another.

A Wizard and a cat, heroes who saved the world from crisis.

This pair was soon known as "Black Cat Wizard."

People speak of "Black Cat Wizard" as a hero.

But suddenly these two disappeared.

Why? Where did they go?

Nobody knows.

And now...

It's been half a year since anyone saw "Black Cat Wizard."

Wiz: So what that means is...

Wiz: ...are you even listening??

-- It looks like you've been caught spacing off again.

-- Wiz lets out a frustrated sigh.

Wiz: I guess it's a bit late to be explaining all this to you now.

Wiz: You're a person that would just throw away fame, no?

-- Inherited mastership works that way.

-- Telling that to Wiz, he lets out a boisterous laugh.

-- The guild has sent you an invitation to join headquarters.

-- You refused their offer about six months ago.

-- Yet headquarters is still looking for you.

Wiz: The four sages probably are thinking that we're there.

Wiz: If they're trying to gather wizards, it'll get heated there.

-- Wiz no doubt has personal experience with this.

Wiz: There's no point in me heading back to HQ like this.

-- and so...

Wiz: I need to get my human form back.

Wiz: That's why we're on this journey!

-- Wiz smiles at you softly.

Wiz: But first, let's check this.

-- You check where Wiz pointed.

There is a door floating.

-- The door leads to the town of Lorencio.

-- It looks like you reached your destination in no time.

Wiz: Hurry up or I'll leave you behind!

-- You pass through the gate into the bustling city.

-- People chatter, shop owners call out for customers.

Wiz: This place is always busy!

-- The vivacity of the city makes your heart race.

Wiz: We should hurry before the sun sets!

-- You suppress your desire to dilly dally and follow Wiz.

-- After a bit you see a large church.

Wiz: Hope we can get some good work today!

-- You listen to Wiz with hope and follow him into the church.

-- Opposite of the outer world, inside the church it is quiet.

-- Your eyes circle around at the lovely illuminated interior.

-- You approach a lone sister in front of you.

Bernadetta: Welcome to the Lorencio Guild. I am Bernadetta.

Bernadetta: I am the master of this Guild.

Bernadetta: Are you here today for work?

-- You tell her you are and she starts to look a bit troubled.

Bernadetta: We have many requests, but...

-- You can’t give work to unregistered wizards?

Bernadetta: You’ve helped us before and I would like to, but...

She considers it, then begins shuffling through some papers.

Bernadetta: I think this about all I can offer you right now.

Bernadetta: It’s not really work for a wizard so much.

-- You tell her you’ll accept and she chuckles.

Bernadetta: Well then, may the spirits protect you.

Wiz: ...

Wiz: Trash pickup, waterway cleaning... just random jobs!

-- Work is work.

-- You and Wiz share a glance and depart the church.

Wiz: Ugh, we finally made it back.

-- You and Wiz both stretch your sore arms and legs.

-- You have returned to the church at the edge of town.

-- This church looks like it will be your new home from now.

Wiz: I'm having some extra dinner tonight. I deserve a treat!

-- Wiz is in a festive mood tonight.

-- But her expression suddenly changes.

Wiz: But I guess the tough part is just getting started.

-- You force a smile to make up for Wiz's sudden mood change.

-- You cautiously open the gates to the church.

-- And just then...

Cheeky Boy: Why did you come back here, wizard man?

Boy with Glasses: Get outta here!

Young Girl: Kitty cat!! Come here kitty!

-- Before you know it you are trapped by the surrounding kids.

-- You see that Wiz is being manhandled by the children.

???: Settle down you guys!

-- A voice booms out and the children freeze.

-- You notice the leaders of the local guild standing in the door.

Cheeky Boy: Oh no! It's Bernadetta!

-- One of the boys calls out.

Bernadetta: ...Bernadetta?

-- Bernadetta grabs the boy before he can get away.

Cheeky Boy: Ouch! Owowowowowow!

Bernadetta: I thought we talked about calling me Ms. Bernadetta?

Bernadetta: Understood? That's how we speak to adults.

Cheeky Boy: Shut up hag!

Bernadetta: Excuse me?

Cheeky Boy: Let's get out of here!

Boy with Glasses: Go go go!!

Young Girl: Wait for me!

Bernadetta: Hey! You kids wait up!

-- The boy frees his hand and flees the church.

-- The other children take off after him.

Bernadetta: Those darn kids.

Bernadetta: Sorry about that, wizard. You must be tired from work.

-- You smile and reply that it's ok.

-- The children at this church have all lost their parents.

-- Bernadetta works both here and at the guild.

-- You ask if there is nobody else who can care for the kids.

Bernadetta: Nope. I'm still surprised that they took to you like that.

Bernadetta: They don't usually just approach people like that.

-- That's quite an "approach" the children have.

-- Bernadetta thanks you for being kind to them.

-- A guestroom in the church has been prepared for you.

-- You are finally able to focus on the work you came here to do.

-- That is, to turn Wiz back into her human form.

-- Night falls deeper as you sit stop the mounatin with Wiz.

Wiz: Looks like it really won't be that easy to find!

-- You have both been tracing over the magic scroll for ages.

Wiz: Transmutation...that's a skill of the dragon clan, right?

Wiz: That's not something you'd see in your average scroll.

Wiz: I've asked Rusche for help, but I don't trust her...

-- The transmutation is your only clue at the moment.

-- A forbidden art where a true name is thrown away for another.

-- With this art, one can change into anyone else.

-- Wiz's condition likely stems from transmutation like this.

-- This is the only info you can count on right now.

Wiz: Yeah I guess so...

-- Wiz watches you roll up the magic scroll.

Wiz: So headquarters has finally recognized your power!

Wiz: This is the dream of most wizards!

Wiz: I've never heard of anyone just throwing it away!

-- Are you really going to complain?

-- Wiz lets out a laugh at this comment.

Wiz: Getting promoted gives you rank but they steal your freedom.

Wiz: Anyway, just be careful that they don't find you.

-- That's why we're laying low.

-- And also why we can't get satisfying work!

Wiz: Hehe, you're a bit of a celebrity!

-- Wiz glances at you with a larger smile each time.

Wiz: It's late today, let's call it a night.

-- Night has fallen outside.

-- You lay on the bed and close your eyes.

-- ... ...

-- ... ... ...

-- Somewhere far away...

-- You hear something that sounds like growling.

-- What could that be?

-- This must be the wind blowing through the forest.

-- ... ... ...

-- You fall asleep while listening to the wind.

(Upon entering Stage 6)

-- Today you are once again doing chores for Bernadetta.

-- You are quietly laboring away. Next to you...

Wiz: Nothing to dooooooo! It's so booooring!

-- Wiz stetches and lets out a yawn.

-- If he's that bored, why not lend a paw.

Wiz: Yeah maybe...but...

-- Wiz lets out a sigh.

Wiz: There's not enough work for me to help today.

-- He's right. You may not even have enough for dinner.

-- Then again there might be zero work soon.

-- You return to work, grateful for what you have now.


(After completing Stage 6)

Wiz: Yikes, this one is huge!

-- Wiz is again mumbling to herself.

-- You raise your eyes to see a floating door-like panel.

-- You look around and see the wall encircling the city.

Wiz: It's like a prison wall. I don't really like it here.

-- The huge wall is no doubt there to protect the city.

-- Perhaps a relic from a long forgotten war?

-- When all of a sudden...

Friendly Old Man: Is that really so rare?

-- An old man notices you gazing at the wall.

-- You nod at the kind looking man.

Friendly Old Man: I guess if you aren't from around here, it looks odd.

Friendly Old Man: That wall is the pride of this town.

-- The man laughs loudly, but then suddenly changes his tone.

Friendly Old Man: Truth is, that wall keeps this town safe from a beast!

-- A beast?

Friendly Old Man: Yeah. A Rabid demonic beast!

-- You are taken aback by this sudden revelation.

-- The man nods deeply.

Friendly Old Man: There's a huge creature that lives outside the city.

Friendly Old Man: It's as big as the mountains and fierce as a dragon!

Friendly Old Man: The kinda beast that destroys whole kingdoms!

-- The man takes a minute to think.

Friendly Old Man: He who will guide the world into the abyss.

Friendly Old Man: I'm pretty sure that's what the priest used to call him.

Friendly Old Man: At any rate, those walls are saving us from certain doom!

-- This old man's passionate words stir your memories.

-- A growl that echoes in the dark of night.

-- Could that have been the creature this man speaks of?

Friendly Old Man: Hey there, you ok?

-- You had become lost in thought.

-- The old man starts to apologize.

Friendly Old Man: Sorry about that, didn't mean to scare ya!

Friendly Old Man: Don't worry. It's just an old fairy tale!

Friendly Old Man: The wind around here is strong and makes weird noises.

-- The man laughs out loud as he pats you on the back.

-- Just then you hear a bell that marks the coming of evening.

Friendly Old Man: Woah! Is it that time already?

Friendly Old Man: I need to get back cause my old lady is scarier than the beast!

-- The man walks off laughing.

Wiz: Are you worried about what that old guy said?

Wiz: There's stories like that in every town.

-- You nod, but something about the story still bothers you.

-- You can't quite explain just what it is that makes you uneasy.

Wiz: You worry too much! We've got more important matters at hand!

-- You realize he's right.

-- You need to figure out how to return Wiz to human form.

Wiz: Did you just realize what you need to do?

Wiz: Our first and foremost concern needs to be...

-- Wiz stares at you with dire seriousness in his eyes.

Wiz: What are we going to do for dinner?

-- Just as Wiz says this, your stomach let's out a growl.

-- You finish early and head back to the church.

-- When you reach the church, Wiz makes an odd face.

Wiz: What is that??

-- You look up to see what he's referring to.

-- You see Bernadetta with her face in a bundle of wood.

Wiz: Is this some new game around here?!

-- You and Wiz share a glance and then speak to her.

Bernadetta: Oh, the wizards! You guys were quick today!

-- You tell her that there was no work to be found today.

-- It seems like there is no more work for you in this town.

Bernadetta: I apologize for that, I wish I could find more for you.

Bernadetta: I think it would be best if you registered at the guild.

Bernadetta: I can vouch for you so I'm sure you can get work fast.

-- You shake your head.

-- Getting found by headquarters would be disastrous.

-- You decided to ask Bernadetta about her previous behavior.

Bernadetta: Hm? Is is that weird?

-- You think so.

-- To be honest, Bernadetta looks a bit sad.

Bernadetta: I was looking for those kids.

Bernadetta: I was already outside the city, so I thought I'd check.

-- You turn to look at the church.

-- The unusually quiet church is uncomforting to you.

-- Bernadetta tells of how this happened.

Bernadetta: Those kids shouldn't be in town. Maybe the forest?

Bernadetta: It's not that confusing of a forest. Where are they??

-- Shall we go look for them?

-- Bernadetta perks up at your offer.

Bernadetta: Really??

Bernadetta: Thank you so much, I would be in your debt!

Bernadetta: I would like to go too, but I have other orders.

-- Leave it to us.

-- Bernadetta seems relieved.

-- She thanks you profusely and heads to town.

(Before Stage 7-1)

Wiz: Well then, let's be off!

-- Even the local forest is dauntingly large.

-- You and Wiz are well-prepared and about to leave...

-- ...but just before you leave your feet come to a stop.

Wiz: ???

-- A bush in front of you has made some rustling noise.

-- A boy jumps out. You recognize him from the church.

-- You are about to speak to him, but Wiz stops you.

Wiz: Wait. He's up to something.

-- You duck down to avoid being spotted.

-- ...

-- The boy is nervously looking around him.

-- He checks once more and heads back on the path.

Wiz: What is he doing?

-- You shrug.

Wiz: Smells like trouble!

Wiz: Let's follow him!

(Before Stage 7-4)

-- The trail continues onward.

-- You have no sense of what direction you are traveling.

-- The boy you were following has disappeared.

Wiz: That little guy is good to have lost us like that.

-- You use the sun and your map to pinpoint your location.

-- He came out this far??

-- It would seem that way.

Wiz: Hey! I'm gonna check this spot!

-- Wiz's shout breaks your thought.

Wiz: There's a cave over here!

-- Sure enough, a cave entrance stands in front of you.

-- In front of the cave are a series of small footprints.

Wiz: Seems like he's in here.

-- You and Wiz exchange a look and enter the cave.

(Before Stage 7-4 Boss)

Wiz: This is a deep cave! Huge inside!

-- Wiz's excited voice bounces off the cave walls.

-- The cave is pitch dark, but some holes in the ceiling shine.

-- The light beams reflect off the moss and add a green color.

Wiz: This is really beautiful!

-- You nod and agree with Wiz.

-- You almost forget why you are there in the first place.

-- You hear something.

-- The wind creates spooky sounds within the cave.

-- Or could that be a beast?

Wiz: Uh...ummm...

-- You are intoxicated with the unreal surroundings.

-- Wiz is also mesmerized. You sense some nervousness.

Wiz: Just keep going down, don't look back.

-- Unable to hear her, you ask her to repeat herself.

-- The wind in the cave creates a howl-like sound.

-- The howling wind is getting stronger.

-- Almost as if it were inside your head.

Wiz: Run!!

-- Wiz's yell echoes through the cave.

(After Stage 7-4 Boss)

-- Your legs begin to shake.

Wiz: I don't think I have the guts to help you with this one!"

-- You had a feeling that's what she was going to say.

Wiz: Blast it with magic! When it cracks open, RUN!

-- You focus your concentration on a single point.

-- You focus your magic and fire...

-- Only to find something you couldn't have imagined.

Young Girl: Ooooohhhh...

Boy with Glasses: Nnnnnnnn...

Cheeky Boy: Hmm

-- You raise your arms and the children stand up.

-- You and Wiz are dumbfounded.

-- The sunlight breaks through the canopy and leaks light on you.

-- You listen to the birds sing happily.

Cheeky boy: what are you doing? keep up!

-- You and Wiz share a glance and sigh.

-- This boy is leading you through the woods.

-- These woods sprawl out behind the church.

-- Today you aren't worried about getting lost.

-- This boy is confident and seems to know these woods.

-- This is like a backyard to him.

-- From the corner of your eye, you notice Wiz jump.

Wiz: I think we just crossed a barrier.

-- Barrier?

-- Wiz nods silently.

Wiz: You know about the 'lost forest' right?

-- you shake your head no.

Wiz: It's a living forest where fairies dwell.

Wiz: They put up barriers to protect their home.

Wiz: You could end up getting lost forever!

Wiz: I heard that you have to negotiate with the fairies!

-- You tilt your head and ask.

-- So, is this that 'lost forest?'

Wiz: I don't know, but that was definitely a barrier.

Wiz: Unless...

-- Wiz looks straight ahead.

Wiz: You would think someone would have found a cave this big.

-- In front of you is the entrance to the cave.

-- When did you get here again?

-- Looking at the entrance, you remember your recent trip there.

-- The deep, deep cove.

-- A demon growling right in front of you.

-- But that's not what surprised you the most.

Young girl: Ooooohhh...

Boy with glasses: Nnnnnnnn...

-- These children stand between you and the demon.

-- To protect the children you try to jump towards the demon.

Cheeky boy: Don't hurt him!

Boy with glasses: I'll get you!

Young girl: Ooooooooooooooooo!

-- The children are standing and seem hostile to you.

-- You stand down.

-- ... ... ...

-- ... ...

-- ...

-- The beast is standing quietly.

-- The children dance around the beast.

-- Could this be the beast spoken of in Lorencio?

Wiz: What the heck?

Wiz: Those kids have tamed that beast?

-- The children hug the beast and jump on his body.

-- Are those kids not scared of that beast?

Cheeky boy: He's not scary! He's nice!

Boy with glasses: He's nicer than all the adults!

Young girl: Yeah! He is!

-- The children are defending the beast.

Wiz: They protect it like it were family to them.

-- You look at Wiz after she says this.

-- She is gazing forward right at the children.

-- You ask what's wrong.

Wiz: Anyone can say nice things.

Wiz: When we lose what's important, what can we trust?

-- Wiz seems a bit sad as she speaks.

-- Perhaps wiz also...

Cheeky boy: You wizards listening? Don't say a word about this!!

Cheeky boy: Don't tell any adults, especially Bernadetta!

-- You look at the children again, then back at Wiz.

-- You don't sense any of the anxiety from before.

-- You feel that these children are special.

-- But you decide not to tell Wiz just yet.

Cheeky boy: Hey! You listening??

-- The boy's voice jolts you awake.

-- You spaced off staring at the cave's entrance.

Cheeky boy: C'mon! We'll leave you behind!

Cheeky boy: We only brought you because you said you'd keep a secret!

-- The cheeky boy continues on deeper into the cave.

Wiz: I don't thnk the children noticed the barrier.

Wiz: It's powerful and best if the townsfolk don't know about it.

-- Wiz's statement gives you new questions.

-- How did the children find this place?

Wiz: There are cases where a child's naivety overpowers magic.

-- What about you?

Wiz: Me? Well...I...

-- Wiz laughs a bit.

Wiz: I guess I'm a kid at heart!

-- More like a kitten.

(After completing Stage 9-4)

-- You visit the guild for work only to find trouble happening.

-- Bernadetta is surrounded by a group of people.

Town Folk: We can't look after them any more.

Bernadetta: Please! There must be some way...

Town Folk: We must care for our own country's troubles!

Bernadetta: Yes, but...

Town Folk: Bernadetta, do not get involved in this any more!

Bernadetta: I will not let this go! Oh my!

-- Bernadetta notices you watching the situation.

-- The town folk give a sigh and disband.

-- You ask about the situation, but her face clouds over.

Bernadetta: Maybe you guys could ask for me.

-- Bernadetta takes a deep breath and continues.

Bernadetta: I'm sure you've noticed, I'm the only caretaker here.

-- You nod silently.

-- There are no adults at the church.

-- You had noticed before but decided not to say anything.

Bernadetta: It's the church's job to care for the orphans.

Bernadetta: The church watches this country's orphans.

-- These words give you a confused grimace.

-- This country's children...

-- Could that mean...

Bernadetta: Yes, it is what you imagine.

Bernadetta: Those children are not from this country.

Bernadetta: They are all refugees from elsewhere.

-- There's no way to look after them at the church?

-- Bernadetta shakes her head.

Bernadetta: The town folk do not want their taxes to help these kids.

Bernadetta: They don't want to deal with other's problems.

Bernadetta: We do get some kind private donations, but not much.

Bernadetta: Most of the people see those kids as a bother.

Bernadetta: Well, that's enough of me and my problems.

-- Bernadetta shifts to a smile and her voice rises.

Bernadetta: There's a good amount of work for you wizards today.

-- You accept the jobs and decide the guild can wait.

-- But you still have an uneasy, unresolved feeling in your gut.

Wiz: ... ...

-- Wiz also looks a bit distressed.

Wiz: No, it's nothing.

-- Convincing, but not convincing enough.

-- It's been a while since you came to Lorencio.

-- You have grown accustomed to the new surroundings.

Wiz: I'm going to take a walk. I'll come back for dinner.

-- Wiz leaves without waiting for a response.

-- On your way to the guild, you hear a harp playing.

-- You look to see a minstrel playing in the street.

-- He was playing a song about the beast that lives outside.

-- The harp's music pulls you in deeper.

-- The song finishes and a wave of applause rises.

-- His song reminds you of the beast from the cave.

Minstrel: Did you enjoy my song?

-- The minstrel suddenly approached you.

Minstrel: Oh, I'm sorry if I startled you.

Minstrel: I was worried that perhaps my song upset you somehow?

Minstrel: Your face looks a bit troubled.

-- You shake your head.

-- You tell him that you liked his song.

Minstrel: Isn't it great? The world is full of songs to sing!

Minstrel: Ruling kings, damsels in distress, young lovers...

Minstrel: Songs can take us to dream worlds we may never truly see.

-- That is true.

-- You nod in agreement with the minstrel.

Minstrel: Hehe. Might you be a dream chaser as well?

Minstrel: I see. You may have the gift of song in your heart as well!

Minstrel: People love fantasies and stories. But...

-- The minstrel continues to smile as he talks.

Minstrel: The truth is what fascinates them most.

Minstrel: The stories that get passed on the most are those in truth.

Minstrel: I'm not saying your intuition is wrong.

Minstrel: It's just that there is also truth behind these songs.

Minstrel: He who will guide the world into the abyss.

-- The minstrel's words echo within you.

-- You cannot read his true intentions.

-- You doubt this coincidence, your stomach starts to turn.

-- You want to ask a question, but...

Minstrel: Well then, I should be going!

Minstrel: I have a feeling we will meet again!

-- He leaves before you can get your question out.

(After completing Stage 11-4)

-- You finish your task for today and head back to the guild.

Wiz: Another great day that ends peacefully!

Wiz: I'm kinda bored actually...

Wiz: How about we check for new jobs?

You nod and make your way towards the guild master.

Bernadetta: Hello wizards! Looking for more work?

-- You can tell by her face that there's nothing new.

-- Nothing fit for you to do, at least.

-- You thank her and turn to head out.

-- On the way out, you see a group gathered by the entrance.

Wiz: What's going on over there?

-- You and Wiz walk over to see.

-- A group of brawny men are catching their breath.

-- The guild members gather around them to see.

Bernadetta: What's going on here?

-- The men look up upon hearing Bernadetta's voice.

-- One of the men speaks up.

Brawny Man: The beast! The beast has arrived!!

-- In the depths of the forest...

-- A man's footsteps glide briskly thourgh the forest.

-- And just then...

Guild Wizard: WHAAAAAA!!!

-- After a loud snap, the man is hoisted upside down by a rope.

-- The man tries to wriggle himself free, but to no avail.

Cheeky Boy: Hehe!! I got one!

-- The boy is very proud of his catch.

Cheeky Boy: This makes three so far!

Cheeky Boy: I won't let you get him!

Cheeky Boy: Wizards! Get out here and do some work!

-- You hurry up and cast your "Pitfall" spell.

Wiz: This is more like actual work than what the guild gives us!

Wiz: We get to use magic, and make kids happy!

-- You laugh at Wiz's jokes and lend a hand with the magic.

-- Just then, a piercing voice rains down from above.

Guild Wizard: Wizards! What do you think you are doing??

Guild Wizard: A beast has been found in these woods and...

Cheeky Boy: Oh no!!

Guild Wizard: Are these games your work?

Cheeky Boy: Wizards, run!!

Guild Wizard: Not so fast!

-- Facing the cheeky boy's back, he begins a chant upside down.

-- It's a stun spell that would knock the boy out.

-- You notice his magic and begin your own incantation.

Guild Wizard: ...!?

-- You finish your spell a split second before him.

-- A cloud envelopes the man, still hanging upside down.

-- His body goes limp and you can hear him snoring.

Wiz: A sleep cloud! Well done!

-- It seems like a long time since Wiz last complimented you.

-- Come to think of it, Wiz has never taught you much magic.

-- You were going to ask her after he became a human again.

Cheeky Boy: Wow, you really can use magic!

-- The boy picks up Wiz.

Cheeky Boy: And you have a cat, too! You're like Black Cat Wizard!

-- Black Cat Wizard?

-- You immediately repeat it back.

Cheeky Boy: Yeah, you don't know about them?

Cheeky Boy: It's a super powerful wizard who saved the world!

-- You feel your face get red as the boy continues to talk.

Cheeky Boy: What are blushing about?

Cheeky Boy: I guess it's because you can use magic too?

Cheeky Boy: Anyways, they'll be sending reinforcements so we need to go!

-- The energetic boy turns and runs off.

Wiz: I wondered what you'd do when you heard about our legend!

Wiz: But really, we can't keep this forever.

-- You let down the man from the tree and are given a surprise.

-- He was here on a mission from the guild.

-- More wizards and strong men will be coming to the woods.

-- The guild heard about the beast and want it captured.

-- Men who want the fame of slaying the legendary beast.

Wiz: It's nice to help kids, but this is over our heads.

-- The beast is showing no threat to any humans now.

-- But still, the guild wants its mission fulfilled.

-- You are puzzled as to why.

(After Stage 12-4)

Wiz: The barrier is gone.

-- Wiz speaks softly while looking around

Wiz: It feels like someone broke it down by force, unnaturally.

Wiz: This must also be the reason that the beast was found.

Wiz: It all seems really hard to believe.

-- Wiz looks deep in thought.

Wiz: Those barriers were pretty powerful.

Wiz: They might have been to hold the demon in.

Wiz: No regular wizard could have broken those barriers!

-- Even your power, Wiz?

-- Wiz laughs at your questions.

Wiz: Not a chance.

-- He speaks frankly.

Wiz: Maybe if there were about 10 of me then I could.

Wiz: But the blastback would be so powerful, I'd vaporize!

Wiz: The first 9 to fail, then the last one might get it.

Wiz: But in general I think it's an impossible task.

Wiz: It's an old barrier, one of the Ancient Class.

-- The word "Ancient" makes your head start to spin.

-- This is territory that is unknown to any normal wizard.

-- It could even be called a "miracle."

-- You admire that 10 Wizs would be successful.

-- You realize just how amazing the sages truly are.

Wiz: Anyways, we'll be found if we don't do something.

Wiz: We need to think of a plan...

-- You nod and start chanting a spell

-- You summon a series of spells that conjur a sleep fog.

-- You're only buying time, but it's all you can do.

-- You finish the chanting and follow the boy ahead of you.

-- There are rumors of the guild starting a "beast hunt."

-- On this day you just happen to be overhearing these rumors.

Brawny Man: I'm tellin' ya, I saw him! He's like a son of a grizzly!

Guild Wizard: No no, he's a goblin! That's why the kids play with him@

Adventurer: Are you guys blind?? It was a beautiful forest spirit!

-- Everyone has a different tale.

-- It's almost as if they were all on different missions.

Wiz: Looks like that Confusion spell you cast in the forest worked!

Wiz: I think the cave is still safe.

-- You let out a sight of relief.

-- Rumors of the beast have become rumors of the forest.

-- So many wild stories that the wizards are losing interest.

Wiz: At this rate, it'll just drift into the realm of rumor!

Wiz: But the barrier's down so the root of the issue still exists.

Wiz: But we've bought enough time for now.

-- You nod in agreement.

-- With the barrier down, the cave will be found eventually.

-- What about making a new barrier? It'll take some time.

-- But there's no way you could put up an Ancient Class barrier.

-- Even Wiz, the Sage, couldn't do it!

-- You keep remembering the children who adore the beast.

-- Talking to the children, you understand that they trust it.

-- This can't stay this way.

-- But for now the only option you see is to protect the beast.

Bernadetta: ... ...

-- You select some work for the day and put the guild off for later.

-- Suddenly, a voice from behind you...

Bernadetta: Do you have a minute, Mr. Wizard?

-- Based on Bernadetta's expression, this is serious.

-- She takes you to a secluded spot and begins to talk.

Bernadetta: Could you tell me why you are helping those children?

-- You are puzzled by her question.

Bernadetta: I'm a guild master and I know that magic was cast in the forest.

Bernadetta: And not many wizards are as skilled as you...

Bernadetta: ..."Black Cat Wizard"

Berenadetta sneers and you quickly look away.

-- Looks like the black cat is out of the bag.

Wiz: We've been found out. Time for a nice long talk.

Wiz: But before that...

Wiz: We want you to understand something

Wiz: This is very important to those children.

-- She nods and you explain what has happened this far.

Bernadetta: Those children and...the beast!?

-- You tell her not to worry, but that makes her worry more.

Wiz: I think it'd be best if those kids stay away from the cave.

-- Wiz whispers to you.

Wiz: I'll think about it. That thing was held in with a barrier!

Wiz: That means it must have been necessary, right?

Wiz: Did the barrier hold it back? Or protect it?

Wiz: Whichever, we need to act before it's too late!

(After Stage 13-4)

-- You return to the church with Bernadetta.

-- When you open the door, the children gather around you.

Cheeky Boy: Are you back already, Bernadetta?

Young Girl: Welcome back, Aunt Bernie!

Bernadetta: Thank you, children.

-- Bernadetta is stern towards the children.

-- The children realize this and tense up.

Bernadetta: ...

-- She looks down at the children.

Bernadetta: Nor more playing in the cave, ok?

-- Her words are quiet and blunt.

-- The children all look at you.

Cheeky Boy: Wizard, you said something, didn't you??

Boy with Glasses: You promised you'd keep a secret!

Young Girl: Liar! You Liar!

Bernadetta: The wizard was worried about you and told me.

Bernadetta: It's not their fault.

Cheeky Boy: But a lie is a lie, right??

Cheeky Boy: We had a promise not to tell!

-- There are a number of glares focused on you.

-- You have trouble looking back at the children.

Bernadetta: That beast is dangerous, you must stay away from it.

Bernadetta: We won't hurt it, just please leave it to the guild!

Cheeky Boy: He's not dangerous!

Cheeky Boy: What are you going to do with him??

Bernadetta: Well, that...

-- She cannot answer

-- If he acts out, the townsfolk will be in danger.

-- We have no guarantee that he can remain calm forever.

-- The guild wants to make a preemptive attack.

-- Keeping him locked up forever won't solve anything.

-- But these reasons mean nothing to the children.

Cheeky Boy: You hateful adults...

Cheeky Boy: I can't trust you!

-- Upset, the children flee from the church.

-- ... ... ... ...

-- ... ... ...

-- ... ...

-- The children did not return to the church that night.

(Upon entering Stage 14)

-- The sun sets and you make your way towards the cave.

-- There's not other place the children would go.

-- You leave the church only to see pillars of black smoke.

Wiz: Isn't that...Lorencio?

Wiz: I've got a bad feeling about this.

-- You agree and hurry with Wiz towards the smoke.

Wiz: It's couldn't be...

-- You reach the city to find a shocking sight.

-- The wall is torn down and you hear screams and cries.

(Stage 14-4)

-- You stop a busy-looking guard to talk to him

Lorencio Guard: The beast! He's appeared again!

Lorencio Goard: You're a wizard? Come with me! ew need more men!

-- You nod and follow the soldier.

-- The ground shakes and you hear a roaring howl.

-- This beast is no doubt the one you saw in the cave.

Guild Wizard: Waaaaaaaaaaahh!

Lorencio Soldier: Somebody help!!

-- The guards and wizards valiantly battle the beast.

-- But nothing they have can match this colossus.

Wiz: We've got to go help them!

Bernadetta: Mr. Wizard!

-- Bernadetta is running towards you.

-- Your body is torn by the wounds of a hard battle.

Bernadetta: We're leaving the city. We can't beat this on our own.

Bernadetta: The townsfolk have evacuated. Here, come this way.

-- You hear a small voice.

Bernadetta: Did...did you hear that?

-- The voice sounds full of despair.

-- You hear small voices through the chaos of the battle.

-- You rush to where the voices are coming from.

Bernadetta: Over there!

-- You can see some of the figures where Bernadetta is pointing.

-- It's the children from the church.

-- Relief flows over you and you run towards the children.

Bernadetta: Oh thank the spirits! It's a miracle you're all safe!

Boy with Glasses: Bernadetta!

Young Girl: Waaaa, waaaa!

Bernadetta: Stop your crying. We need to get out of here fast.

Boy with Glasses: Wait, Bernadetta!

-- The children point to the beast.

Bernadetta: It can't be...

-- You focus your eyes on what they are pointing to.

Cheeky Boy: ... ... ...

-- The boy is on the beast's back.

-- He seems to be unconscious.

-- The beast roars and shakes his body.

-- The boy could fall off at any moment.

Bernadetta: Mr. Black Cat Wizard! Can you defeat that beast?

-- Bernadetta asks a tough question.

-- She asked so calmly...

-- She called you Wiz and Black Cat and not just wizard...

-- You think for a second and then quietly nod.

-- Maybe you can't defeat it, but you can buy some time.

Bernadetta: That'll be enough.

Bernadetta: I'm going to go save that boy!

Bernadetta: When I save him, you blast the beast as hard as you can!

-- A brash plan, but there's no time for strategizing.

-- You shut your eyes and focus your thoughts on a single point.

-- Then the signal to start.

Bernadetta: Here I go!

-- Bernadetta begins running at the beast.

-- She slips through the beasts claws and avoids an attack.

Bernadetta: Now!!

-- Bernadetta grabs the boy and dashes away.

-- And then...

Bernadetta: Unf...

-- A piercing howl.

-- Bernadetta's body flying through the air...

-- It lands on the ground...

-- A splash of blood...

Cheeky Boy: Hnn... ...nnn... ...

-- He opens his eyes.

-- He takes a glance at the sight in front of him.

Cheeky Boy: What's this? ...Bernadetta?

-- He shakes her body.

-- She doesn't move.

Cheeky Boy: Why... why is there so much blood?

-- He has no idea what has happened.

-- The beast howls and moves towards the 2 of them.

-- You get ready to unleash your magic blast when...

Wiz: Wait! You could end up hitting them as well!

-- Right below the demon are Bernadetta and the boy.

-- You knew this, but saw no other option.

-- A small thud sound grabs your attention.

-- It was the sound of someone throwing rocks.

-- There are a few more similar thuds and you turn to see...

Lorencio Guard: Over here, you nasty beast!

Brawny Man: Get away from them!

-- They launch stone after stone at the beast.

-- The monster slowly turns and stars heading towards them.

-- A different guard swoops in to save Bernadetta and the boy.

Friendly Old Man: Wizard! Over here!

-- Bernadetta and the boy are taken to a safe spot.

-- Now there are not obstacles between you and the demon.

(After Stage 14-4)

-- It's time to let him have it!

-- You release a concentrated blast of magic at the beast.

-- It lets out a loud howl and crashes to the ground.

(Upon entering Stage 15)

-- In the cave of the beast.

-- With the owner not home, the cave is dead quiet.

-- There is a large orb in front of you.

-- That beast had changed his shape.

Wiz: What the... I've got a bad feeling about this.

Wiz: Like the box that held the whole world's unhappiness.

Wiz: That box that wasn't meant to be opened. Here it is.

-- Wiz grimaces as he speaks.

-- You gaze at the orb, but feel no curses or evil.

-- You remember the battle with the beast.

-- The cries of those around you.

-- The children gazing at the fallen beast.

Cheeky Boy: Why... why...

Cheeky Boy: Why did you him, stupid wizard?

-- Their anger, focused on you.

-- And on the other hand...

Bernadetta: ... ... ...

Young Girl: Auntie... Bernie...

-- Bernadetta lays out cold before the children.

-- Unable to rely on any of the adults around them...

-- ...Bernadetta was their only support.

-- There is nothing you can say to comfort them.

Boy with Glasses: Ah...

-- The beast's eyes open at the children's voices.

-- You hold back the folk who are trying to grab the children.

-- The beasts eyes seem different than just a bit ago.

-- These are the kind of eyes you saw in the cave.

-- And then...

-- Its eyes close once again.

-- The beast's body vanishes in light, leaving behind an orb.

Wiz: That was a rough time.

Wiz: For the kids and for you.

-- You probably looked on the verge of tears.

-- Wiz is speaking in a soft whisper

-- You sense that she is truly empathetic towards you.

-- But also a frightening presence behind the words.

Wiz: No big reason.

Wiz: Just remembering the past a bit.

-- Wiz realizes that this topic is pointless.

Wiz: What a weird time we've had.

Wiz: Opened seals, raging beasts...

Wiz: It's like a story out of some kid's imagination.

-- You feel the same.

-- What happened to the kids when they left the church?

-- You talked with the kids after things calmed down.

-- When they were making a plan to help the beast at the cave...

-- A hooded wizard appeared to them.

-- This mysterious figure told them not to worry.

-- Then the wizard started to act violently.

-- And the children don't remember beyond that.

(End of Stage 15 prologue)

Wiz: A hooded wizard. Who could that be?

Wiz: And what does it want?

-- Wiz suddenly stops.

-- You sense something from behind you.

Wiz: Looks like you somehow made it back over here.

Wiz: I'd appreciate if you could tell me your tale.

Hooded Wizard: ... ...

Wiz: Looks like I won't be getting any stories for free.

-- You get into position for battle.

-- The hooded figure turns and runs.

Wiz: After him!

-- Following Wiz, you give chase.

Wiz: We've almost got him!

-- You chase the wizard into the cave and take a battle stance.

-- A fireball flies right past you.

Wiz: Woah!! What's with the sudden hostility.

Wiz: Be careful, this isn't just any wizard.

-- You can tell Wiz is uneasy about this encounter.

-- She doesn't need to say it, you can tell.

-- Facing off. you can sense this wizard's immense power.

-- This wizard is on a different level!

-- You calmly focus on the enemy in front of you.

(After Stage 15-4)

Wiz: Hya!

-- Wiz leaps on the figure from the shadows.

-- She is able to remove the hood, only to reveal...

Wiz:'s not possible...

-- An unbelievable sight unfolds in front of you.

-- Your eyes dart back and forth between Wiz and other Wiz.

-- Questions echo in your head and you doubt your eyes.

-- But your eyes are not lying and the answer is right there.

Wiz?: ......

-- Standing before you is unmistakably Wiz.

-- One of the Four Sages and your mentor

Wiz: What is this??

-- You are both at a loss for words.

-- You cannot process this and all you can do is stare.

Wiz?: ......

-- 'Wiz' turns and makes a quick escape

-- You finally are able to close your gaping mouth.

-- Was that an enchantment or some kind of hallucination?

Wiz: If it was, then we just got pranked big time!

-- Wiz's jokes seem less fun than usual.

-- Of course there is a reason for that.

-- The thing you just saw was the 'real' Wiz.

Wiz: Well then we might just be lucky!

-- Wiz seems upbeat about the situation.

-- Wiz is back on his usual game.

-- You ask for more info.

Wiz: We may have never found a way to return me to normal.

Wiz: And yet, here it just appeared to us.

-- Wiz looks at you and gives a wink.

-- You agree and give a nod.

-- Your unrest and concern have now shifted into hope.

Bernadetta: Are you going?

-- Bernadetta sounds a bit sad.

-- You node and give her your thanks for everything she's done.

-- Her wounds are healing well and she can return to work soon.

Bernadetta: We must tell the children.

Bernadetta: Wait here, I'll bring them.

-- She leaves to call the children.

-- It's farm season and the kids are out in the fields.

Bernadetta: We've decided to take the kids in the church.

Bernadetta: Looks like the hullabaloo with the beast changed hearts.

Bernadetta: Those kids have opened up to the towns folk bit by bit.

Bernadetta: That's thanks to you.

-- You shake your head.

-- It's thank to she who risked her life for the kids.

-- Her courage melted those children's hearts.

-- Those children now know love thanks to her.

Bernadetta: Well if that's true then I am honored.

Bernadetta smiles softly.

Bernadetta: You are the one who gave them a chance.

-- Bernadetta sees you out of the church.

-- Next on your journey is the town of Orlandi.

-- You have info that the hooded figure was headed there.

-- You feel someone behind you and hear a voice.

-- You turn to see who it is.

Cheeky Boy: Hey! Were you gonna leave without saying goodbye?

Boy with Glasses: Heeeeey!

Young Girl: Wait up!

-- The children run to you.

Cheeky Boy: Mr. Wizard...

-- The children glare at you while catching their breath.

Cheeky Boy: I won't forgive you for hurting him!

Cheeky Boy: He was our best friend!

-- You remain quiet as the children continue to glare.

Cheeky Boy: ...but you did save us.

Cheeky Boy: And you helped Aunt Bernie...

-- The boy's voice slowly grows quieter.

Cheeky Boy: So I just wanted to say thanks ...or something.

-- You find their halfway gratefulness to be cute.

-- Before you know it, you are laughing.

Cheeky Boy: What's so funny??

Cheeky Boy: You think you're hot 'cause you helped Aunt Bernie??

-- You extend your hand to the boy and he takes it smiling.

-- A fresh wind blows behind you.

-- You take the first steps on your next journey.

-- You can hear the voices call to you from the church.

Boy with Glasses: Come back again!

Young Girl: Bye bye!

Cheeky Boy: I'll be stronger than you next time you come!

Cheeky Boy: Black Cat Wizard!

Wiz: Haha, looks like our cover was blown!

-- You let out a laugh.

-- You look back one last time and wave.

-- And then turn your gaze forward.

Wiz: On to the next town!

-- Yes, finding a way to return Wiz to her former self.

-- You enthusiastically nod.

-- All you can do is believe and retain hope.


Stage 1: The Walled TownEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

A Hint in the Flower Bed

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(25,992-29,173 G, 333-372 EXP)

Fire Rocher (Red Eyes)

Fire Red Sahuagin

Fire Red Harpy

Water Blue Sahuagin

Water Blur Harpy

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Water

Prepare the Streets

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(35,593 G, 422-456 EXP)

Fire Red Sahuagin

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Church Street Cleaning

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(32,366-35,639 G, 415-496 EXP)

Fire Red Sahuagin

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Red Harpy

Orb Delivery

(Rank 11, 20 MP)

(38,809-45,116 G, 455-559 EXP)

Water Blue Sahuagin

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Red Sahuagin

Cleared: Good job! Please take a well-deserved break.

Stage 2: New Sleeping QuartersEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Church Cleaning

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(28,195 G, 422-507 EXP)

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Red Sahuagin

Water Blue Sahuagin

Water Blur Harpy

Water Aquaflow (Dancing in Moonlight)

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Water

Church Patrol

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(33,195 G, 449-483 EXP)

Water Blue Sahuagin

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Red Sahuagin

Simple Errand

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(28,195-37,195 G, 489-550 EXP)

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Red Harpy

Research Help

(Rank 11, 20 MP)

(38,680 G, 603 EXP)

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Cleared: Nice work today. It's dinner time!

Stage 3: Church JobEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Making Holy Water

(Rank 10, 16 MP)

(28,140 G, 425 EXP)

Water Blur Harpy

Water Blue Sahuagin

Water Ice Killer Bee

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Ice Killer Bee

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Thunder

Organ Repair

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(27,366-33,199 G, 401-460 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Water Ice Killer Bee

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Stained Glass Cleaning

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(33,900-37,104 G, 469-527 EXP)

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Blur Harpy

Peaceful Prayer

(Rank 11, 20 MP)

(44,434 G, 623-638 EXP)

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Ice Killer Bee

Cleared: Are you hurt? We really appreciate you helping out the church!

Stage 4: The PilgrimsEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

The Pilgrims

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(33,803-38,107 G, 527-637 EXP)

(3 Fodder Rounds)

Fire Red Sahuagin

Fire Red Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Thunder Electric Cockatrice
(Lock 1x2)

Thunder Yellow Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Thunder Wizard Book (Lightning)

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Fire

Footprints of the Holy

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(36,983-38,694 G, 597-629 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Thunder Electric Cockatrice
(Lock 1x2)

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Purpose of the Church

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(41,507-48,947 G, 693-758 EXP)

Fire Red Sahuagin

Thunder Electric Cockatrice

Fire Red Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Purpose of the Wall

(Rank 11, 20 MP)

(50,230-55,366 G, 862-880 EXP)

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Thunder Electric Cockatrice

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Cleared: Thanks for your help! I've still got lots more chores for you.

Stage 5: The Lost KittenEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

The Lost Kitten

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(32,837 G, 522-550 EXP)

Water Wizard Book (Azure)

Water Blue Sahuagin

Water Watering Cockatrice

Water Blur Harpy

Thunder Yellow Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Ice Killer Bee

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Thunder

The Lost Black Cat

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(35,170-37,025 G, 577-634 EXP)

Water Blue Sahuagin

Water Watering Cockatrice

Water Blue Sahuagin

Picnic Time Already

(Rank 11, 16 MP)

(34,564-37,023 G, 598-629 EXP)

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Water Watering Cockatrice

Thunder Yellow Harpy

Let's Go Home!

(Rank 11, 20 MP)

(47,447 G, 774-881 EXP)

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Watering Cockatrice

Water Ice Killer Bee

Cleared: Thank you so much! You'll hear from me again!

Stage 6: Wall RepairsEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Wall Crawlers

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(32,235-34,746 G, 555-608 EXP)

Fire Red Sahuagin

Fire Red Harpy

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Wizard Book (Crimson)

Water Blur Harpy

Water Blue Sahuagin

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Water

Drive Away the Demons

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(32,812 G, 528-553 EXP)

Fire Red Sahuagin

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Red Sahuagin

Repairs, Repairs, and Repairs

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(34,564 G, 601-605 EXP)

Water Blue Sahuagin

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Water Blue Sahuagin

Guardian of the City

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(44,986-52,767 G, 745-881 EXP)

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Cleared: You guys are great! I'll call on you again when I need more help!

Stage 7: Find the ChildrenEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Trees in the Tender Green

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(45,984 G, 811-824 EXP)

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Red Sahuagin

Fire Red Harpy

Thunder Electric Cockatrice

Thunder Yellow Harpy

Thunder Yellow Sahuagin

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Water Blur Harpy

Water Blue Sahuagin

Water Watering Cockatrice

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

Water Ice Killer Bee

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Water

Swamp Drifting

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(50,365 G, 899 EXP)

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Water Watering Cockatrice

Fire Flaming Killer Bee

The Undeveloped Forest

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(62,883-62,924 G, 1113-1123 EXP)

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Water Watering Cockatrice

Into the Deep Cave

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(98,677-99,007 G, 1269-1286 EXP)

Fire Bringer of the End
(1 ITTC, 3 TTC)
(Not-raged: Charge --> Charged ATK All ~3500 to Water --> Normal ATK All ~1700 to Water --> repeat)
(Rage at 50%: ATK All ~1700 to Water; No charge)

Cleared: I'm so glad they're safe. Thank you so much!

Stage 8: Further Down the RoadEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes


(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(40,137-46,699 G, 686-872 EXP)

Water Turquoise Sahuagin

Water Ice Killer Bee

Water Haze Harpy

Water Ice Bone Wolf

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Thunder Electric Cockatrice

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Thunder Dazzle Harpy

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Water Ice Bone Wolf

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Thunder

With the Caravan

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(37,350-46,577 G, 661-849 EXP)

Water Watering Cockatrice

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Water Haze Harpy

The Adventure's Charm

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(40,648-46,132 G, 638-800 EXP)

(3 Fodder Rounds)

Water Ice Bone Wolf

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Farther Than Expected

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(41,070-45,632 G, 714-816 EXP)

Water Ice Bone Wolf

Water Ice Bone Wolf

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Cleared: Way to keep up with me! You guys actually do kinda ok.

Stage 9: Voices From the LakeEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

An Odd Request

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(42,476-47,053 G, 740-839 EXP)

Thunder Dazzle Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee
(Preemptive Strike - Poison)

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Thunder Electric Cockatrice (Lock)

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice (Lock, ATK All)

Fire Crimson Sahuagin

Fire Flaming Killer Bee
(Preemptive Strike - Poison) (ATK One ~2900 to Fire when weakened)

Fire Blood Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Thunder Paralyzing Killer Bee

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Fire

Tracks in the Road

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(44,828 G, 770 EXP)

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Fire Blood Harpy

Old Battlefield

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(41,494-43,372 G, 708-776 EXP)

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Varible Envoy

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(43,466-50,008 G, 770-906 EXP)

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Cleared: Oh, there were monsters living there? Everyone is relieved thanks to you!

Stage 10: Guarding the QuarryEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

First Quarry Visit

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(45,614-47,336 G, 651-825 EXP)

Water Haze Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Water Frozen Killer Wasp
(Preemptive Strike - Poison)

Water Turquoise Sahuagin

Water Heather Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

Water Watering Cockatrice (Lock)

Fire Blood Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice (Lock)

Fire Blazing Killer Wasp
(Preemptive Strike - Poison)

Fire Fire Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

Fire Blazing Killer Wasp
(Preemptive Strike - Poison)

Fire Fire Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Water

Scars of Progress

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(44,901-49,198 G, 784-873 EXP)

Water Frozen Killer Wasp
(Preemptive Strike - Poison)

Water Heather Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

The Unexpected

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(49,408-49,425 G, 871-874 EXP)

Fire Blood Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Fire Fire Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice (Lock)

Where the Town was Born

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(48,307-54,067 G, 852-939 EXP)

Water Haze Harpy
(Preemptive Strike - Weaken Element)

Water Heather Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

Water Watering Cockatrice (Lock)

Cleared: Great job there! You're a natural at this!

Stage 11: Inn on the OutskirtsEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Shopkeeper's Request

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(48,619-52,441 G, 780-905 EXP)

Thunder Deadly Killer Wasp

Thunder Electric Cockatrice

Thunder Dazzle Harpy

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Fire Blazing Killer Wasp

Fire Crimson Sahuagin

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Blood Harpy

Water Watering Cockatrice

Water Haze Harpy

Water Frozen Killer Wasp

Water Frozen Killer Wasp

Fire Fire Specter

Thunder Electric Cockatrice

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Water / Thunder / WaterThunder

Before the Silence

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(45,222-47,558 G, 767-823 EXP)

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Water Heather Specter

Thunder Deadly Killer Wasp

Shimmering in the Night

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(45,267-49,931 G, 769-846 EXP)

Fire Blazing Killer Wasp

Thunder Thunder Specter

Water Watering Cockatrice

Unbreakable Rocks

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(50,933 G, 883 EXP)

Fire Fire Specter

Water Heather Specter

Thunder Thunder Specter

Cleared: You really helped me out! I think we'll be ok now.

Stage 12: Forbidden ForestEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Children's Garden

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(49,868-52,441 G, 811-850 EXP)

Water Turquoise Sahuagin

Fire Blazing Killer Wasp

Fire Crimson Sahuagin

Fire Blood Harpy

Fire Molten Metal Cockatrice (Lock All)

Fire Fire Specter

Thunder Dazzle Harpy

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Thunder Electric Eating Cockatrice

Fire Fire Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

Fire Fire Specter
(HP Shave 60%)

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Water

Hurrying Footsteps

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

54,076-56,330 G, 861-904 EXP)

Fire Blood Harpy

Fire Fire Specter

Fire Molten Metal Cockatrice (Lock All)

The Silence Ahead

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(53,259-58,944 G, 855-939 EXP)

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Where Will We End Up?

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(56,290-58,847 G, 906-942 EXP)

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Fire Fire Specter

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Cleared: That was... Thank you!

Stage 13: Hesitation and ResolveEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Her Pause

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(53,438-57,638 G, 841-984 EXP)

Water Turquoise Sahuagin

Water Frozen Killer Wasp

Water Haze Harpy

Water Foggy Phantom

Water Ice Bone Wolf

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Thunder Deadly Killer Wasp

Thunder Dazzle Harpy

Thunder Electric Eating Cockatrice

Thunder Plasma Phantom

Water Frozen Killer Wasp

Water Foggy Phantom

Water Turquoise Sahuagin

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Thunder

Wizard's Hesitation

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(55,178-59,136 G, 860-914 EXP)

Thunder Electric Eating Cockatrice

Thunder Plasma Phantom

Thunder Dazzle Harpy

Black Cat's Hesitation

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(53,884-57,617 G, 856-994 EXP)

Water Haze Harpy

Water Ice Bone Wolf

Thunder Deadly Killer Wasp


(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(59,447 G, 888-960 EXP)

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Water Whirlpool Cockatrice

Cleared: Thank you so much. Leave the children to me.

Stage 14: Laws and FoundationEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Black Smoke

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(58,442-65,266 G, 903-1004 EXP)

Fire Blood Harpy

Fire Crimson Sahuagin

Fire Molten Metal Cockatrice

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Fire Blaze Phantom

Thunder Plasma Phantom

Thunder Dazzle Harpy

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Thunder Electric Eating Cockatrice

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

Thunder Lightning Bone Wolf

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck: Fire

Impatience and Unease

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(60,760-61,748 G, 954-983 EXP)

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Fire Flaming Bone Wolf

Burning Town

(Rank 11, 17 MP)

(57,212-60,203 G, 875-933 EXP)

Thunder Electric Eating Cockatrice

Fire Blaze Phantom

Thunder Deadly Killer Wasp

Guide to the Abyss

(Rank 11, 21 MP)

(61,382-65,088 G, 992-1111 EXP)

Thunder Amber Sahuagin
(16K HP, Combo 2x2 ~550 to Fire)

Fire Awakened Bringer of the End
(140K HP, 3 TTC, [Preemptive Strike - Charge] Charge ATK All ~4000 to Fire, Rage below 50% ATK All ~2000 Fire)

Thunder Dazzle Harpy
(14K HP, [Preemptive Strike - Thunder Weakened 5? turns], ATK All ~1025 when Weakened)

Cleared: Why did this happen? Thank you for your help.

Stage 15: Beyond the Cross of TimeEdit

Quest Common Stage Enemies Boss Notes

Cave of the Beast

(Rank 11, 18 MP)

(83,391-86,958 G, 1128-1181 EXP)

Fire Blood Harpy

Fire Blaze Phantom

Fire Fire Breathing Cockatrice

Fire Blazing Killer Wasp

Fire Crimson Sahuagin

Fire Inferno Bone Wolf

Thunder Amber Sahuagin

Thunder Spark Bone Wolf

Thunder Plasma Phantom

Thunder Electric Cockatrice

Thunder Deadly Killer Wasp

Thunder Dazzle Harpy

Water Frozen Killer Wasp

Water Blizzard Bone Wolf

Water Watering Cockatrice

Water Haze Harpy

Water Turquoise Sahuagin

Water Foggy Phantom

Fire Blood Harpy

Fire Blaze Phantom

Fire Blaze Phantom

In chest:

Completion Bonus:

  • 1 Crystal

Recommended Deck:

  • Water (15-1)
  • Thunder (15-2)
  • Fire (15-3)
  • Water (15-4)

Quest Details:

Demand a Target

(Rank 11, 18 MP)

(86,132 G, 1115-1146 EXP)

Water Frozen Killer Wasp

Water Foggy Phantom

Water Frozen Killer Wasp

Wiz Gets a Feeling

(Rank 11, 18 MP)

(84,482-85,867 G, 1137-1170 EXP)

Thunder Plasma Phantom

Thunder Deadly Killer Wasp

Thunder Plasma Phantom

Beyond the Cross of Time

(Rank 11, 22 MP)

(104,443-115,553 G, 1451-1575 EXP)

Fire Blood Harpy
(Preemptive strike: weaken fire element for 6 turns, 2 TTC)

Fire Azure Hallifer (Knight of Despair)
(2 ITTC, 2 TTC, ATK One ~1468)

Fire Blaze Phantom
(3 ITTC, HP Shave, 2TTC)

Cleared: Who was that wizard? Anyway, I'm glad everyone is safe.

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