[Fallen Angel of Dreams]
Alp (Fallen Angel of Dreams) Icon Element Fire Rank S
Max HP 1700
Max ATK 2200
Deck Cost 38 (36) Race Devil
Index # Sells for
Answer Skill Phantom Bliss
Heal all elements by a large amount. (8%)
Special Skill Nightmare in Flames
Do a large amount of fire damage to all enemies. (7)
Hidden Powers
HP 14 HP increases by 200
HP 13 ATK increases by 200
HP 15 Deck Cost reduced by 2
HP 9 Reduce Initial Special Skill turn by 1
HP 22 Fire allies' HP increases by 100
Evo TextEvo Fire On MaxEvo Fire On MaxEvo Fire On MaxEvo Fire On Max
Evolution Stage
1 - Alp (Fallen Angel of Dreams)
How to Obtain
Obtained from Limited Invoke: This spirit, or its other evos, was available in the Crystal Invocation for a short time.
Related Event Infinite Dungeon
See Also
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This spirit was available in the Crystal Invocation from Dec 26th, 2013 to Jan 5th, 2014.

A water version named "ALP" appeared during the Diabolic Regiment event but does not drop.

Introduction or Story

In the silence of the night, the soft sound of a cat bell can be heard through the air

The shadow dancing from one house to another.

The sleeping town was a playground for Alp.
Causing mischief in the minds of Children;
Turning peaceful dreams into nightmares;
or simply destroying people's sleep by hopping on their bed.

Looking down at the town; All the dreams were laid out before Alp.

"Alright, who's dream wants to be destroyed next!"

No one was stopping Alp.
And the night had just begun.



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70 1700 2200

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