Alec the Astronomer
Alec the Astronomer Icon Element Fire Rank B
Max HP 1232
Max ATK 1375
Deck Cost 8 (8) Race SpellCaster
Index # 245 Sells for 4000 G
Experience Worth (Same Element) Min. 33
Max. 630
Answer Skill Hard Rush ++
Medium increase in damage to one enemy. (1.15x)
Special Skill Mixed Emblem
Change category panels to random elements. (4)
Hidden Powers
HP 3 Fire panels appear more frequently
Evo TextEvo Fire OnEvo All OffEvo All Off
Evolution Stages
1 - Alec the Astronomer
2 - Alec (Scholar of the Astral Spirits)
3 - Alec Luminares (Astral Spirit Engineer)
4 - Alec Luminares (Decipherer of the Truth)
Next Evolution Requirements
Gold Cost 28,000 G
Materials Hinokino (Rookie) IconC+ rankFire Raccoon IconC+ rankRocher (Fire Stone) IconC+ rank
How to Obtain
Obtained from Story: This spirit, or its other evos, can be obtained in the main story quests.
Related Events
See Also
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Templates Spirit InfoboxEvo SwitcherInvokePool

This Spirit is given as a prize for completing the Kingdom Wilitona quest line. He was available again during Guild Masters Return...!

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