This a special quest line that occurs 6 times on Sundays. The first occurrence alternates between 1am and 2am (EDT). Successive occurrences happen on a 4 hour interval after the previous one starts. They last for one hour at a time.

A gold flag banner appears in the top right of the main overview screen (where you can select which city/area to go to) when they occur. You can also check if the quest is active by going into any city and clicking event.

List of daily book and gold pot quest:

Bronze Pot Icon Silver Pot Icon The Golden Pot Icon

Quest Enemies Boss

The Bronze Pot

(☆, Rank 1, 25 MP)

(200 G, 1 exp per pot)

Thunder Bronze Pot

Thunder Bronze Pot x3

Silver Pot

(☆☆, Rank 1, 14 MP)

(2300-2800 G, 16-20 EXP)

Thunder Bronze Pot

Thunder Silver Pot

Thunder Silver Pot x3

Golden Sunset

(☆☆☆, Rank 1, 28 MP)

(22,000-26,000 G, 50-60 EXP)

Thunder Silver Pot

Thunder The Golden Pot

Thunder The Golden Pot x3

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